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Bathroom Lighting Design Ideas

Bathroom lighting ideas spa like experience If you're looking online for bathroom lighting design ideas were going to assume that you are in a home that you did not recently custom-build for yourselves . I'll make further assumptions that the house is at least two or three years old . Now in many homes that are 10 years old or older , actually thousands and thousands of homes . The bathroom lighting is limited to a certain very common and for mayor layout . You have one bar light above the mirror . And you have one bathroom fan with no light in it . That's pretty much it . The average homebuilder in America springs for that and nothing more . In this article I will go over every way possible to enhance that and make your bathroom a truly unique place where you can get away and enjoy a spa like experience . That would by the way be my first suggestion . I would look at the bathroom as far as a design standpoint is concerned as a spa/retreat room . Now other people may hav...

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Black with bell lens frosted glass

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Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 29 March 2012 16:06
Black with bell lens frosted glass
Last Updated on Wednesday, 06 June 2012 19:58
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