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Bedroom Lighting Design Ideas

"Bedroom Lighting Design Ideas" Let me give you some bedroom lighting tips as an electrical contractor with more than 20 years in the field . Yes we do lighting design as well as electrical alterations to existing homes . When you're looking for lighting ideas for bedrooms as a standard homeowner or even an interior designer you may be tempted to limit your train of thought only to different types of fixtures . By this I mean that you may try to take the existing wiring in the home and make that work for you in spite of what you would really want . If you're considering buying fixtures for your master bedroom or kids bedroom and you want something that looks nice , chances are the cost of the fixture is going to be greater than the amount it would cost to make alterations to the wiring . my point is this . You may be tempted to spend a lot of money on a really nice fixture to go in the center of the room because that is the only plac...

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Ceiling Mount Light Fixtures

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Monday, 04 June 2012 20:20

Ceiling mount light fixtures

Ceiling mount light fixtures in your home

Let's talk about ceiling mount light fixtures in your home . If your home was built after 1985 the chances are that most of your rooms have ceiling mount light fixtures . The one exclusion for this is bedrooms unfortunately . Many times when home builders build new homes they exclude ceiling mount light fixtures in the bedrooms in order to save them money . Also if your house was built prior to 1965 many times they included no overhead lights in many different rooms . Having flush mount surface ceiling lighting is by far one of the most effective ways to light any room in your home . Having a room that is well led is pretty important especially as we grow older . Also there have been many times where we have installed ceiling lighting in a room and the people began to use spaces that date never really noticed before because they can see them now . The reason why older homes in the 50s and 40s did not have overhead ceiling lighting is because the national electrical code simply did not require it . The national electrical code changes every three years and with it comes new code requirements that make our quality of life better and safer . Surprisingly enough though it is still not required that the electricians install ceiling lighting in the bedrooms . If you have a bedroom that has no ceiling light is because the national electrical code allows for a switch receptacle to be used . Now this switch receptacle is controlled by the light switch on the wall . We get many calls every year from people that they that they have several problems in their homes . One of the problems regularly cited is that they have a wall switch on the wall that appears to do nothing . These wall switches are almost always switch receptacles . The switch is there so that you can plug in a lamp and turn it off and on the of the light switch so that you have light when you walk into the room . The problem with using this in lieu of a ceiling light fixture is that if you turn off the switch on the lamp then the next time you walk into the room the light does not work . I believe that having a ceiling light fixture in your bedroom is a necessity and not a luxury . The best situation is to have a flush mount ceiling light fixture or hanging light fixture and have it on a dimmer .With the new requirements for ceiling lighting came the introduction of dimmers into the marketplace in the 70s . Dimmers are becoming more more popular these days as many people are realizing their propensity for energy savings . Especially with ceiling mount light fixtures that have four or five lightbulbs dimming it down to the desired amount of light can really make a big difference in your energy costs over the year .

Different types of ceiling mount light fixtures

There are a few different types of ceiling mount light fixtures available on the market . There is that flush or surface mount , the hanging type , the recessed , and those attached to ceiling fans . Let's talk for a moment about the different types of ceiling mount light fixtures and the advantages of using the specific types . Surface mount mount light fixtures usually have 2 to 3 lightbulbs . Surface mount mount light fixtures are great at lighting a room as they broadcast a lot of light horizontally . They also hang down from the ceiling a little bit and this helps them to emit light . Surface mount lighting fixtures typically come in one bulb , two bulb or three bulb . This is important to note when you go in by the fixture . Even as electrician I have gone and bought mount light fixtures because I like the style . Then when I get home I realized that the picture only has one lightbulb in it . Most of the ceiling mount light fixtures available today are limited to a 60 W incandescent bulb . This limitation keeps the one bulb light fixture from emitting enough light for the average person . I personally prefer three lightbulbs in my mount light fixtures .

The hanging type ceiling light fixture is also a great way to light any room if you have the ceiling height . Because it hangs down from the ceiling so far it emits a large amount of light horizontally . This makes for a great light for reading under or task lighting . Hanging fixtures also tend to be more decorative than their surface mount counterparts . There is a much wider variety of styles and designs in hanging fixtures then there is in surface mount type .

Recessed lighting is great for general illumination providing that you use a pretty large number of the fixtures . Where you can light the average size room with only one surface mount fixture or hanging ceiling fixture , you need 4 to 5 recessed lights . Recessed lighting is very directional . It point straight down and unless it has a buddy very close by to overlap the light pattern you're going to see a round spot on the floor where it is lighting . Recessed lighting is great if you're looking to accent other aspects of the room and not use the lighting as a focal point . Recessed lighting blend in with the ceiling and you hardly even notice that is there . As with other ceiling mount light fixtures that have multiple bulbs is a good idea to use dimmers on this type of lighting .

Why doesn't my bedroom have an overhead ceiling light ?

Avoiding Installing ceiling lighting saves a builder of the home money as he does not have to pay the electrician to install ceiling lighting, nor does he have to buy inexpensive fixtures to put In before the home is sold. Thus you have many homes in America today where the homeowner buys the home and moves in and to their surprise they have no overhead lights in their bedrooms. The procedure of adding overhead ceiling lighting to existing structures is not a complicated one for a professional. Overhead ceiling lighting is a necessity in any room and is certainly not to be considered luxury. The wiring for the overhead ceiling lighting can be added after the construction phase has been completed in the following manner. First you locate on the ceiling where the you would like the new ceiling light to be installed. If it is a ceiling fan that you want to install you need to install it to one of the framing members of the home . You’ll need to locate a framed member of the structure if there is not one available at the specific location that you measure, Then you need to install a new framing member or block to support the ceiling fan . The next step would be to install the wiring inside the ceiling for the ceiling fan or new ceiling light. This is done through the attic or crawlspace or ran in the joists separating the first four from the second floor. A small hole is normally needed above the switch box in the ceiling. At Providence electric we close this hole with the existing Sheetrock and apply Sheetrock mud. Getting the wire for the new ceiling lighting from the switch to the light location usually takes some degree of expertise. If the joists run in the proper direction that aid you in the installation of the ceiling lighting then you’re very fortunate. If they do not then you have to figure out a way to get through the three or four joists that stand in the way of you and having your new ceiling lighting. Then after getting the wiring in for the ceiling light in need to install the fixture . Reading the instructions that come with the new fixture usually gives you enough information to get the thing installed

Recessed ceiling mount light fixtures

A recessed ceiling light is exactly what its name implies. A recessed ceiling light is recessed into the ceiling and remains completely flush with the surface of the ceiling. This type of ceiling lighting is very beneficial for areas that a decorator would tend to want to look more open and spacious. Recessed lights are usually installed in banks of 4 or eight or even 12 . Another great advantage is that It provides great general illumination over large areas. Such as a large kitchens or living areas. In the kitchen area the counter tops and the cabinets and appliances are really what you want to call attention to . After the recessed lighting one nice small decorative hanging light may be appropriate . The recessed lighting will provide more than enough light for your kitchen area . The reason for this is they provide a highly effective superior quality of light. Recessed kitchen lighting with halogen type produces a light that is equivalent to 99% of natural daylight . On the color rendering index halogen light rates at about 99% of actual daylight colors and is considered the best lighting source available .The kitchen should always be the brightest room in your home . Because you’re preparing food and many times this room becomes a gathering point for guests and family. Having the appropriate ceiling lighting in this area is crucial to the design and functionality of your kitchen .

Ceiling Fans and the new south

We are also professionals in ceiling fan installation . We provide all the hardware necessary for their proper mounting and assembly . When you buy a new ceiling fan there are a few things that should be taken consideration . First if there is an existing overhead light , this may or may not have the proper support in the ceiling for your ceiling fan . It’s very important when you’re installing a ceiling fan that there is an actual support attached to the framing members of your home . As you certainly don’t want it falling and hurting someone . We install all necessary hardware mounting brackets and properly assemble the ceiling fan to ensure that it will last for years . As electricians we install many ceiling fans on a weekly basis . North Carolina and other southern states conjure images of people sitting on porches and balconies sipping iced tea underneath a large ceiling fan . I believe that this romanticism of ceiling fans add to their appeal here in the South . Subsequently many people have large porches on the exterior of their home where ceiling fans make a great addition to the outside living area . I have many in my home personally and in my office as well . Many of the ceiling fans are installed where existing lighting was originally intended . The electrical boxes installed in these ceilings was intended to support a regular light fixture such as a small bedroom light fixture . These are not suitable for ceiling fan support . We can install that support and any wiring necessary to make sure your ceiling fan installation is sturdy and will last . If you live in the area and you need a ceiling fan installed , please call the professionals at Providence electric . We are affordable, available and ready to help In the area with any ceiling fan installation you may have . Thanks so much .Tom harp owner , Providence electric.

Track Lighting

Track lighting is a great addition to any home. We have done many track lighting installations in the past years . Many track light fixtures are used to light art work or photographs . As well track lighting can be used as general illumination in various rooms . The installation of track lighting in an existing home with no previously installed wiring is a relatively simple task for a qualified electrician . We assess the current construction and wiring of the home , then make a plan for the installation of your new track lighting fixtures . We have many years of experience installing wiring in existing homes . So you know it will get done right the first time !

Track Lighting is a convenient and extremely versatile lighting source . You can direct the track light individual heads in any direction you choose . Track lighting can shine on exactly the subject you desire . As well track lights can be altered regularly without the assistance of an electrician . You simply twist the track light head in a clockwise motion and remove the track light head and replace where desired . This makes track lighting very appealing in style and functionality !

Some track lighting heads are permanently affixed , so be sure to research the different types of track lighting fixtures before making your purchase . Whatever track lighting fixture you choose , we can install it and have you up and running in no time .

Dining Room Ceiling Mount Fixtures

Whether your tastes are traditional or modern , your dining room is a very important room in your home . From Thanksgiving dinners gathered around the dining room table to normal family dinners . The dining room is a focal point of your home . Many times we get requests to hang a dining room fixture in an existing location with wiring present . This is of course is a simple task for our electricians . Many times however the dining room light has no pre-wirng in place . We can come in and many times install all the wiring necessary with no holes in the Sheetrock . We are professionals at both hanging the fixtures and providing the wiring necessary.

If ultra modern is your style there are many exciting designers and brand names to choose from . We hang many different styles of dining room fixtures . The latest styles of dining room fixtures may present certain challenges to the installer . Our years of experience and education process assure that your dining room fixture is hung right the first time . We constantly are updating our technicians with the latest tools and training.

Coach Lighting Charlotte NC

We can install your coach lighting regardless of any existing wiring . Replacing or adding exterior coach lighting makes a dramatic difference in the exterior of your home . When inviting guests over having a well lit exterior is a definite advantage . They can find you and you can show off the architectural features that make your home unique .Exterior coach lighting also gives you the ability to show off your own personal tastes and accent your home the way you prefer . As well , a well lit home is 4 times less likely to be the victim of a burglary . No matter what the exterior of your home is made of we can add new coach lighting in any location . The advantages of coach lighting are security as well as adding beauty to your home . Many coach light fixtures are available now with built in motion light sensors . This feature adds a great security value to your home . When adding your new coach lights we can configure the switching in any way you like .

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