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Written by Administrator   
Friday, 19 August 2011 12:03

Concord electrician , Providence Electric .

Concord electrician , on call electrical services .

Hi this is Tom Harp with Providence electric . We have done hundreds of service calls in the Concord area over the years . The last call that we did was a pre-by home inspection for a realtor who was representing the seller . The home had existing knob and tube wiring in it and the buyer was concerned about the current condition of the wiring . Many homes in Concord North Carolina have older wiring . The type of wiring that is in your home is directly dependent on the years that it was built . The national electrical code is updated every three years . With the new updates, come new requirements that change the way houses are wired . knob and tube wiring was prevalent in the 1930s and perhaps even earlier . It is hard to say exactly . Knob and tube wiring is so vastly different than the wiring methods used today that it is nearly impossible to go in and replace just part of the wiring . There are methods for repair that are accepted by the local and state authorities but really the best course of action is to completely eliminate the wiring from the dwelling . In this particular house in Concord the entire upstairs of the home had in fact been rewired in the 1960s . the strange thing about this is that the wiring method that the upstairs had been updated to was still not in compliance with current national electrical codes . Concord North Carolina is a historic town with many historic districts . This is exactly the type of scenario that you could expect to find in a house in this area . Because , there have been so many different wiring methods used over the years as the code changes every three years . if you're planning on buying an older home in Concord North Carolina or if you already own an older home , please consult a qualified electrician in regards to the wiring status of the home . There are many solutions and protective devices that can be applied to the house that can make it a much safer and functional place to live .

Concord Electrician Commercial Work .

I recently got a call from a large company that sells big rigs in a parking lot near the racetrack . They were setting up a job site type trailer for their headquarters and needed an electrician for a generator hook up to their trailer . They were inquiring about the possibility of a permanent electrical service as well . The Electrical codes that apply to a generator hook up are very specific and much different than most other requirements for a normal building . The first thing that is always asked is do I have to drive a ground rod ? The answer is of course yes . While the requirements are very different there are several things that remain true for every electrical service we install. Such as the requirements for a main circuit breaker , ground rods , conductor size , etc. This is a good example of the odd requests that we receive sometimes here at Providence electric . We Did the installation and provided a permit and got the trailer hooked up and running . We also coordinated with local power company to have a temporary power pole set at the location . When it comes to running your business and having new equipment hooked up , or If you have lighting maintenance needs in the Concord area please remember Providence Electric . We can handle anything electrical in nature when it comes to a commercial or residential structure .

Concord electrician

Another call that I received recently in Concord was for hanging an older chandelier light fixture in a historic home near downtown . One of the main obstacles to hanging light fixtures that we find in the field is that people have a fixture that they have taken from another place and brought to a new location . Many times not all of the parts for the fixture made it along for the trip . That was the case in this particular service call . Now most electrical contracting companies or electricians in Concord might tell the individual to take the fixture to a light fixture repair place and have them fix it . while this is necessary sometimes in this particular case I was able to make some phone calls and find a few parts and get the fixture hung for the individual . They went on and on about how much they appreciated me going above and beyond the call of duty . At Providence electric we are not in the business of finding the simplest solution for us solely . We're in the business of providing a service to the community and going above and beyond when it comes to Finding solutions and making things work . We do not go out of our way to differ work to someone else or find the , " easy way out " . We anticipate that when you call us out to do a job you expect that we will complete this job and check it off of your list of things to do so that you can move on to other Important items of your life .Please rest assured that when you call Providence Electric we come out with the attitude of completing everything to the highest standards of your expectations . Thank you !

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