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Friday, 19 August 2011 12:00

Electrical Contractor Charlotte NC

" Electrical contractor Charlotte NC "

What exactly is an electrical contractor ?

An electrical contractor is someone who has received a state license from the North Carolina Board of examiners of electrical contractors . This license allows them to do electrical contracting work in the entire state of North Carolina . The licenses are usually limited to jobs based on a certain dollar amount . There are three different classifications for the licenses . There is limited , intermediate and unlimited . The limited license is limited to jobs up to $25,000.00 . this is the license with the average electrical contractor holes in North Carolina . Doing small residential and commercial project this job license is more than enough to cover most jobs . Some of the larger companies seek individuals with intermediate or unlimited licenses so that they can do much larger construction type projects . At Providence electric we do small residential and commercial jobs . Our license is limited to $25,000.00 or less . In the last 25 years I have not seen a reason for a license to exceed this dollar amount .

Electrical contractors in North Carolina and the scope of work they do

As an electrical contractor here in Charlotte I find that the majority of our jobs are small residential or commercial service calls . By this I mean somebody is having a problem with some sort of electrical equipment that they're using or an electrical utilization device such as a light fixture or a ground fault circuit interrupter . We previously contractor the customer to do a complete rewire their home in Foxcroft . This home had existing aluminum wiring from the 1960s and we completely rude all the wiring and replaced it with copper conductors . As an electrical contractor we see many homes in the Charlotte area that have aluminum wiring in them . Aluminum wiring ran to a stove or range or cook top is not an issue . This is a problem that is evident only in the small receptacles that you plug in your average light fixture or clock radio . Because the wires are much smaller feeding a receptacle the smaller Softer aluminum wiring is susceptible to breaking and arcing or causing a fire .

Working as an electrical contractor Charlotte North Carolina

After working as an electrical contractor in Charlotte North Carolina for almost 15 years . I am now available in the office five days a week from 7 AM to 7 PM . Many customers are shocked when they call and actually get an electrical contractor on the phone to have a conversation with . I mail to answer a great many questions that the average secretarial person cannot answer . Having me here as an electrical contractor in the office to answer questions and even provide pricing for you is an invaluable service that we provide . Call me today at 704 – 531 – 8881 and see for yourself the difference it can make to actually have an electrician to answer your questions rather than an answering machine or someone who is just on staff with no experience .

What exactly does it take to become an electrical contractor ? Well first , when you start out in the trade you need to complete an apprenticeship program . This usually takes about four years and requires school probably two nights a week . After that you move on to becoming a journeyman electrician . Usually this takes about five years . At this point you're ready to become a licensed electrical contractor . After all of this you contact the state and submit your application for a licensing package . With this package you document all of your work experience and get signed and notarized copies from each one of your previous employers .This documents the work experience that you performed working under various contractors as an electrician . After all of this documentation is submitted the electrician is required to pass a written examination that is lengthy and quite detailed . Once the examination is passed the electrician is now a licensed electrical contractor . The license has to be renewed every year and continuing education classes are required . At Providence electric we have undergone this entire process and have over 25 years experience in the electrical field .

Electrical contractors who own and operate their own companies . This is a topic that is particularly interesting to me. It is by far one of the best companies that you can go to for electrical service work. An electrical contractor is an electrician that owns his own business and works for himself . He is in fact both the electrician and the electrical contractor at the same time wearing both hats. When you hire an electrical contractor doing the work himself in Charlotte it is highly likely that you're going to get a high quality electrician to do your job for you. Typically speaking to get an electrical contractor's license as already stated above you have to have a minimum of five years experience and then another four years in the field. With this level of experience an electrical contractor is highly qualified to do any job that you might put in front of him. Many times as the years go by these individuals will transfer into the office and never to be seen working as electrician again. The five-year stint that they spend in the field is a good time , for the average consumer to make use of these highly qualified individuals . When contacting electrical contracting companies in Charlotte inquire as to the size of the company and see if you can find one that has a small amount of employees or one employee being the electrical contractor himself. This will allow you to get good quality pricing and an extremely great value.

Electrical contractor who is registered with the state of North Carolina Board of examiners .

The fact that we are registered with the state is very important to you as a consumer . Only a license registered individual can legally perform electrical contracting in the state of North Carolina . Your house electrical wiring can be very dangerous, knowing the proper codes and rules that apply to making repairs and/or installations on your homes electrical wiring is Paramount in ensuring the safety of your family . There is a very large difference between a commercial electrician and a house electrician . In a commercial environment the electrical codes are not nearly as stringent . Most of the codes that apply to residential dwellings are enacted with the fact in mind that people will be sleeping and small children will be living in the home. Thus smoke detectors are required in every bedroom and one on each floor , and certain personnel safety devices are required such as ground fault circuit interrupter's and/or arc fault circuit protection breakers . These items are not required in most commercial environments . Being registered with the state means that we have passed an examination and have proven our experience in these areas . Please make sure that when you hire a Charlotte electrical contractor they have the proper state certification and credentials . Being registered with the state is the fundamental building block in selecting your next electrician. As discussed before residential environments have a multitude of rules and regulations that apply to them .

Another primary ingredient in selecting an electrician for your homes electrical work and wiring trouble-shooting are online reviews. When you are thinking about selecting an electrician, check out their online reviews. If your neighbors say good things about the company there is a pretty good chance that you can trust the company. As well you know that if they don't do a good job you can go online and post a review in the exact same place that you found them . Read up on all the reviews and contact previous customers if possible. At Providence electric we have over 50 reviews online . This is more than any other company in the Charlotte area. At the top of any one of our webpages there is a link to our reviews. Please check them out and compare them against any other residential electrician reviews you may find. I'm sure you will find when it comes to your home electrical wiring Providence electric is second to none in the North Carolina area. Finding the right electrician is very important as you want peace of mind after the work is done . I hope you find these articles informative and I am working hard to keep the information coming . Thank you !

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