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Electrician services

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Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 15 May 2012 21:12

Electrician services , Thomas J Harp

On-call service electrician

Typical electrician services .

looking to find an electrician in North Carolina ?

Electrician Services. What are the standard services that most electricians provide? most electrical companies that are in the service industry will provide the following but it is certainly not limited to this list . Recessed lighting , hot tub wiring , new electrical service panels installed , dimmers installed , maintenance own office lighting , installation ceiling fans , installation of wiring for overhead lights in bedrooms , installation of receptacles in homes or businesses , troubleshooting and repair in homes or businesses , installation of telephone and television cabling , installation of Five networking cable for computer networks , installation of new dedicated circuits either for appliances and a residential kitchen or new equipment and commercial applications such as restaurants and medical facilities . as you can see generally speaking the service electrician will do anything that is involved in the wiring of the actual building . repairing appliances and or equipment is not necessarily the a service electrician's forte . neither is doing HVAC work meaning working on the air-conditioning unit working unit . if you look at a building using the metaphor of a person , electrician is like a doctor who will work on any fundamental aspect of the internal workings of the person . where appliances and machinery are much like your rings and clothing in a Dr. certainly has no idea how to consult you on these matters . if you're looking for a great service electrician Providence electric is been involved in service work in the local area for over 20 years . quality integrity customer satisfaction .

Finding quality electrician services is easy with Providence electric .

Electricians are abundant in most metropolitan areas. Finding a qualified service electrician means that you want the owner or someone close to the owner , or his supervisor to come out your house. Many electrical service companies employee shabby electricians that have absolutely no idea how to properly carry out the services that they've been hired to do. Many of them are on commission and this is something that you definitely want to look out for. Some service companies offer a very low service call rate only to come out and price your job at astronomically high rates hopefully to get your business and gouge you as you do not want to forfeit the small service call fee that you paid up front. These electrician services are very costly and tend to be very low quality. This business model is adapted to maximize profits and minimize the quality standard to both the electrician service and to the customer. When looking for electrical service company to perform your electrician services remember that the best company would be a small one where the owner himself will actually come out and perform the work for you. If not the owner then you could inquire as to whether his supervisor or a high quality member of the staff working is available to come out your home. You are certainly not out of the way to inquire about such things as the chances of you receiving a low-quality employee are pretty high if there is a large company that you're dealing with.

Services We Offer

Motion Activated Lights

Have Providence Electric install motion lights on the exterior of you home for added security and a great deterrent against crime . As well motion activated flood lights installed in the front of your home can light your way and welcome you home , making it safer and more attractive . In the rear motion activated flood security lights guard against intruders and can provide additional lighting in the summer for entertaining . No need to purchase the motion activated security flood lights yourself as we can provide and install them top quality motion activated security flood lights . Motion activated flood lights will make that petty thief think twice before breaking into your car or home . Motion activated security flood lights make your home safer and more inviting as you approach . Your family and home are your top priorities .Adding motion activated security flood lights is a small investment that goes a long way to protect your valuables and family . Add security motion activated flood lights today !As well ' exterior motion sensing security coach lights . Replacing or adding exterior motion sensing coach lighting makes a dramatic difference in the exterior of your home both for security and beauty . When inviting guests over having a well lit exterior is a definite advantage . They can find you and you can show off the architectural features that make your home unique .Motion sensing exterior coach lighting also gives you the ability to show off your own personal tastes and accent your home the way you prefer . As well , a well lit home is 4 times less likely to be the victim of a burglary .

Replacing Aluminum Wiring

In the 1960s copper prices were very high , so they started to manufacture aluminum wiring that was small enough to be used in homes . Prior to this time aluminum wiring was only used for utility companies for large overhead aluminum wires .When they first started using aluminum wiring in houses , it wasn’t really installed any different than the current copper wiring systems we have. The aluminum wiring is attached to the device via a small screw that wraps and turns in the direction that the wire has been curled for and secures the wire to the device. The metal screw on the device consists of a small metal plate behind a metal screw on the device . Both of these were made of brass. This caused a particular problem as the expansion rate of the two different metals are of course different . the aluminum connection started breaking down over time. The best solution is a replacement of the devices with a device that Is made for the aluminum wiring and has aluminum screws and an aluminum metal plate on the device . These have the same expansion and contraction rate as the aluminum wire . This coupled with Arc Fault protection for the circuits is the best solution for this problem . Also all connections and boxes should be made with approved aluminum connectors . This is a great , cost effective solution to aluminum wiring concerns . Arc fault breakers are your best line of defense against an aluminum wiring fire . If there Is arcing and or sparking going on inside any , Junction box , receptacle outlet, switch or anywhere on the circuit , the arc fault circuit breaker will shut off the circuit . Thus eliminating the dangerous potential of an arc fire . Arc fault breakers are the latest technology in circuit breaker protection for your home , and are a legal code requirement for the bedroom areas in all homes . If you have Aluminum wiring you can make it "substantially safer without re-wiring " your entire home ! Please contact us for pricing and more information . Thanks so much !

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can enrich and beautify your home in many ways . It’s very nice to come home to a well lit outdoor area at the end of a hard work day. At Providence electric we have the expertise and ability to install landscape lighting on the exterior of your home . As well , if it’s necessary we can add an outdoor outlet in the area to provide for the power of the new landscape lighting . This is well allows the possibility of adding a switch on the interior of the home to controll the landscape lighting . Having a professional electrician install your landscape lighting is a very smart decision. We can install the lighting in less than one day and have them there for you to enjoy for years to come. Landscape lighting can really make your home stand out and accent all the beauty of the exterior architectural features displayed on the front and rear of your home . The low voltage landscape lighting we install is great quality and includes a one-year warranty on everything except for the light bulbs. So contact us today and get low voltage landscape lighting installed on the front or rear of your home for a great price . Improve your home today and start enjoying today ! Providence electric !

Attic Fan Installation Charlotte

We get your attic gable fan installed & working & saving you money! We repair & install . Attic gable fans have many benefits . They keep your attic temperature substantially lower during the summer months . This decrease in temperature helps your cooling system to run more efficiently and saves you money . There have been many occasions where I as an electrician have had to work in and attic that had no proper ventilation. I can tell you from personal experience that the temperature inside the attic can be up to 50 to 70° hotter than outside. All that he has to go somewhere and it does raise the temperature of the ceiling of the interior of your home. At ventilation fans are great way to say energy and much more efficiently who your home. As well this excess temperature in the attic really dries out the wood making it much more susceptible to fire. Also if your furnace is in the attic this will increase the life of your unit as it will run much cooler . The lower heat also makes your roof last up to twice as long ! As well the fan helps the dust and particles in your attic area stay out of your home by sending them out the exhaust . We provide the unit and the electrical wiring necessary to power it . We are your one stop source for attic gable ventilation products and installation . Just let us know the size of your home and we can size your attic fan from there .At Providence electric we come in and add adequate attic ventilation fans in the necessary areas to keep your air-conditioning system running cool and lower your energy bills. The cost of installing and regulation and is relatively low end . By two years after the installation the attic fan has already paid for itself. So the next time you go that attic access door and feel of surge of heat come down from your attic remember there is a solution. Call Providence electric and have us come out and install an attic ventilation fan today!


From overloading to aluminum wiring , partial power outages , wrong dryer cords , outdated services , improperly fused air-conditioning units and any other type of electrical problem you may encounter at your home . Providence electric is here for you to get your problem-solved and your life back to normal as soon as you contact us . Please fill in the form and let us know what problem you're having and we'll be Johnny on the spot to get you taken care of and problem solved . Guaranteed ! Providence electric .

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