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Written by Administrator   
Friday, 19 August 2011 12:03

" Local Electrician Hickory NC "

Thomas J Harp , Electrician Hickory NC Description

I love Hickory North Carolina . I moved here to North Carolina about 16 years ago . I previously lived on the West Coast in California . That's where I received a large amount of my electrical training in new construction . I also worked as an electrician for about 10 years doing service work in California . Now I call North Carolina my home . I love the Hickory area for its natural beauty . I also love the people . Good honest hard-working people that may guys would give you the shirt off their back . We work here is electrician servicing the local Hickory area . We try to take this same approach when it comes to doing electrical service work . Now we cannot of course give our work away for free . But we do try to make sure that we are charging enough to feed our families and keep ourselves in business without overburdening those who are less fortunate than us . It seems that in the United States these days there are a lot of companies that will make a profit at any cost . I want to make sure that as a company Providence electric is not only turning a profit but serving the community . Many people don't seem to realize that their job is just another way for them to help other people . Community service is great , but what you do day in and day out should not just be a means to an end . I thoroughly enjoy being electrician and traveling around to different homes and businesses because I am able to divide people with the service that improves the quality of their life for years to come . As electricians here in the Hickory area we do recessed lighting , under cabinet lighting , changing out electrical services , installing new outlets in kitchens and bathroom areas , as well as other areas of the home . Installing dedicated circuits , installing light fixtures , repairing wiring that has gone bad or shorted out and the list goes on . Being a qualified service electrician is more than just knowing how to wire a house . Being a qualified electrician able to go out and service existing homes and businesses means that you have an extensive amount of experience when it comes to the different wiring methods that have been used over the years . If you know what the electrical codes were in the previous years you know how the person wired the home or business . The national electrical code changes every three years . With these code changes people adopt new ways of wiring homes and businesses . Being familiar with how electrician may have wired a home in 1992 explains quite a bit when it comes to a person calling and having a specific problem . For example they used to let you tap off of the kitchen circuit and power outside outlets . Now if somebody calls with the home was wired in the 90s and they have an exterior outlet is not working , I may refer them to their ground fault circuit interrupter outlet in their kitchen . Or I may check this as soon as I get to the home . This is the kind of service that knowledge and experience bring .

Providence Electric , Electricians Hickory NC Who To Hire

Be careful about who you hire to do your electrical service work . In the recent years with the economic downturn many electrical companies that were doing new construction such as track houses or strip malls saw a great deal of their work disappear . I am personally familiar with companies that had over 100 trucks , that are now diminished to just a few trucks and the owners themselves are driving around doing service calls . Now if you happen to actually get the owner you may not be in bad shape . However many companies that were relying on new construction for their bread-and-butter have taken their existing electrician base and try to apply it to service work . About 15 years ago I made the transition from doing new construction to doing service work . I can tell you it's very similar to being an electrician the deciding to be a plumber . There is a whole new list of skill sets and job qualifications that are required . People are in desperate states . I understand with this and I sympathize with a completely . However , you may want to ask yourself that this is the type of person that you want to come out and do your electrical work . That same outlet on the exterior of your home that would take me 15 min. , may take a less qualified individual two or three hours to figure out . It is not a logical conclusion the believe that the kitchen outlets would be powering an exterior outlet . Especially if you're somebody who has been trained for the last five years wiring new homes with the current electrical codes . Rather than know what it was you would believe in exactly the opposite . That it was illegal to feed this receptacle off of the kitchen outlets as it is today . Based on this information it would probably be the last place that you would look . That having been said most electrical contractor companies are charging somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 an hour . Do you really want somebody charging you $100 an hour while they learn how to become a service electrician ? I would not . I sympathize with people that have had a tough go of it because of the national economy . I would submit to them that rather than changing their occupation to service electrician they may want to consider doing something else entirely . I would also submit to them that along with a change of occupation we may want to consider changing our government officials..... Completely . A short rant about our current government situation . Our government is trampling our Constitution . Our government is filled with self serving individuals who possess a position that was once known as a job a public service . The only thing the current people in the White House and in the Senate on both sides are serving is themselves . Fat bellies snorting up to the public trough for another handout from their fellow citizens . These people make me sick . As a working man who has crawled underneath houses and in attics for almost 20 years as an electrician I really have no stomach for those who will not work for a living . To the people who will not work for a living and believe that it is their God-given right to live off the work of others I say shame on you . And furthermore you make me sick . As well the people who continually have one child after another just to get a check from the government to support themselves with no shame whatsoever about the fact that they are worthless wart on the but of society I say to you shame , shame , shame ! I recently had some bumper stickers made for the back of our company trucks . They quite frankly say "working man , no handouts needed" . The other one says "help other people , work !" I have worked so long and so hard at this company , Providence electric . One of the biggest company expenses is taxes . The federal government is taxing most small businesses out of existence . The fact that there is a payroll tax at all boggles the mind . Why should any employer be taxed for giving somebody a job ?

Electrician Hickory NC Expenses

The second largest expense that we have as a company , is marketing . Now many electrical service companies that employee six or more electricians have huge marketing budgets . Hickory is a relatively small town as far as population goes . Charlotte has over 700,000 people . Hickory has about 41,469 people . These numbers mean everything when it comes to marketing . I have had people from the Yellow Pages come out and pitch me on running advertisements in the phone book . 10 years ago this was a great idea . I really wish the people at the phone book would wake up to the fact that somebody invented something called the Internet . If you're trying to reach people in the local Hickory market most people have computers . People use these computers to search on the Internet for electricians . Even when the phone book had a huge market share of the advertising world they consistently overcharged for their product . They sent salespeople out to the local electrical contractors and electricians and basically these people had free reign to try and get as much money as they possibly could . If you are uneducated and did not realize that the numbers do not work you simply got fleeced . I am a firm believer in capitalism . I am also a firm believer in civic responsibility . Taking advantage of somebody and putting them out of business just so that you can have a nicer house and a better life for you and your spouse is wrong . The phone companies however actively promoted this type of behavior and encouraged it through incentives and commissions . Very similar to what mortgage companies did , that basically ruined the entire world's economy , when the securities market failed . As an electrician I sat down with what turned out to be a worthless secretary about five years ago . It seemed to me that we had a problem as far as profitability was concerned . Now while it may seem obvious to figure out why are not making money , if you have ever ran a business you know that this is not true . Many times it is not obvious . You have people working in the office who answer the phones or you answer the phones yourself . You have advertisers who are running advertising trying to get you work . You have customers who need a electricians in Hickory or other parts of the greater Charlotte area . You have electricians who need work and are willing to work hard for the money that they earn . It definitely takes somebody in the office to answer the phones . An electrician cannot focus on the work that he has to do out in the field and answer a ringing phone 15 times a day and stay alive for very long . Those who attempt it often suffer from health problems and heart attacks . So you need somebody to keep track of all of the scheduling answer the phones and dispatch the electricians . You need some way of alerting the public that you have the service to offer . I went to speak to a radio station salesperson one day and she said something that although I did not buy advertising from her it impressed upon me . She said that if business is not good it may be that you have not send out enough invitations . Now nobody likes throwing a party and not having anybody show up . But in fact this is exactly what many electricians do . They go get a license , proper insurance , and go into business for themselves . They just assume that they'll somehow have enough customers . With North Carolina being a right to work state many , many people go into business for themselves working as electricians . Hickory is certainly no different . So how is it that I invite enough people ? Well I'm not going to give away too many of my secrets . But I will tell you this . I advertise online . I have tried virtually every other form of advertising and I have found to be extremely expensive . Advertising online can be expensive as well . But I know secrets about how to advertise online . Secrets to save my company and great deal of money . Secrets they give me an extreme advantage over my competition . Knowledge is power . Not only do I save a great deal of money advertising online . I pass the savings along to my customers . I want to provide a service for the community . The government doesn't seem to want me to do that . And my competition definitely does not want me to do that . And advertisers and marketers can really care less whether I do it or not , as they will simply feed off of me like the parasites that they are , and then move onto the next poor business owner after I go out of business trying to pay my Yellow Pages ad bill . I have chosen to go the route of being an educated electrician . I work 50 hours a week as the sole marketing chief for Providence electric . I can tell you this much . I know how many of the other companies in Hickory and the greater North Carolina area operate . They simply have come to except the fact that marketing is extremely expensive . That is where your $300 bill for changing out a receptacle comes from . That is where somebody trying to charge you $5000.00 for changing out electrical panel comes from . That is where having a poorly trained electrician with the terrible command of the English language comes from . As they have spent all their money trying to get the work , so they cannot afford to hire a decent person to do the work . I have studied this business and industry for over 20 years . I have studied marketing the last six . If you would like to benefit from my years of experience and knowledge call providenceelectric today . Don't spend too much . Don't get taken advantage of by the marketers . Don't get taken advantage of by a company that has no idea how to advertise their services . Don't get taken advantage of by somebody in the back of a pickup truck with no insurance and no license . Call Providence electric today . Receive affordable quality electrical work at reasonable upfront prices . Everybody's got a make a living . Just make sure that they're not all making a living on your one small electrical job . Providence Electric Thomas J Harp . Thank you !

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