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Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 07 September 2011 13:02

" Professional Home Theater installation by your local Charlotte electrician Providence electric "

Why go to several different sources to get the hardware and installation you need for your Home Theater ?

At Providence electric we have been installing LCD plasma and LED TVs for over 15 years . As well surround sound , fishing wires in walls and home automation are something we specialize in . As technology has advanced with LCD TVs the experience by the end-user has improved dramatically . When installing a home theater system in the living room , bedroom , great room , or Den there are a few things you want to take into consideration . One thing that people have a misconception about is the location of the coaxial line that normally feeds the television . With the new LCD TVs and the typical cable box or Direct TV box there is no need to have the coaxial line located behind the television set . Actually what you want is an HDMI cable ran from the existing box location to the new television location . along with his HDMI cable you want to run any audio cables or any cables for video game components that you may use . The television itself is usually mounted about 6 inches above the surface of the the fireplace mantle or piece of furniture that it is located above . My own television I placed 12 inches because it is a little bit smaller than 52 inches . The bracket is important to consider because there are several different brackets available . You may want a simple angled mount bracket , or you may want a more intricate swivel bracket that will articulate the television at a complete 90° angle .

Complete Home Theater Installation with 110 V outlet included

There are many companies here in North Carolina that can do the Home theater installation in your home . In the Charlotte area alone there are several companies that do this type of work . Typically we come out when these companies do their low-voltage installation of the television and cables and we install our hundred and 10 V outlet at that time . This does require the homeowner to use two different companies , however if that is what the homeowner decides to do that is certainly a earthly good way to get the work done . We do offer the convenience of doing both at the same time with one company . In this way we are able to come with one visit and offer a turnkey solution for your home theater installation in Charlotte .

Home Theater Installation Charlotte

It is critical when your home theater installation is done that the installation is done with safety in mind . many times there is only one start available in the wall to mount the TV bracket to . Having the proper lag bolts installed in this bracket is crucial not only to the well-being of your television set but the well-being of your family . While televisions are not very heavy they are bulky and large and could hurt somebody if they fall down . At Providence electric we take the utmost care to make sure that we are securing the television to a securely permanent framing member in the wall . You can rest assured that the television is securely mounted to the wall and all the connections are made with the expertise and precision of a professional electrician who is highly qualified at making electrical connections .

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