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Huntersville Electrician NC , Providence Electric , Get A Quote !

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Written by Administrator   
Friday, 19 August 2011 12:05

" Huntersville Electrician NC "

Huntersville Electrician NC , Thomas J Harp , work experience .

HI this is Tom harp with Providence electric . I've been working as an electrician in the Huntersville area for over 15 years . We have rewired a lot of houses by the lake and I thoroughly enjoyed working in this area . I have two large Labrador retrievers and whenever we have a larger job here in Huntersville such as rewiring a home or large commercial job I enjoy bringing them along when the customer is okay with it or the building is vacant . Doing electrical service work is extremely interesting and enjoyable most of the time . You never know quite what you're going to run into and you're able to be challenged in different areas of expertise and ability . When I first started in the trade I was wiring new homes back in 85 . I did that for about 10 years and then I started doing service work . I realized that once I started working as a service electrician that I really did not want to do anything else . I really enjoyed the diversity and challenges that I got to experience on a daily basis . As well over the years I have gotten to meet many interesting people and even movie stars and professional wrestlers , and racecar drivers . We recently just of looked up some equipment for one of the racecar teams . I moved here to North Carolina about 17 years ago . It is really hard to believe that it's been that long . But for that entire time pretty much I have worked as a service electrician . I really enjoy working in Huntersville . The people are friendly and there are many historical homes and some really cool very large homes right on the lake . A service electricians in Huntersville we provide a valuable service to the community . This makes me sleep good at night knowing that I'm doing something that helps other people to improve and enjoy their lives .

Huntersville Electrician NC Services

Some of the items that we do as a part of our regular duties working in the Huntersville area as electricians include adding recessed lighting to existing homes , adding under cabinet lighting to existing homes , wiring the occasional new house , installing new outlets for LCD televisions in existing homes , doing network wiring for computer networks in homes and businesses , changing out electrical panels in homes and businesses , at a motion lights on residential properties , adding overhead light in bedrooms that don't have any wiring for them , doing maintenance work on office lighting , or restaurant lighting , maintaining parking lot lights , and many many other items that are too great to list . Basically if you own a building or rent a building in Huntersville North Carolina and you need an electrician to do service work on it , this is exactly our cup of tea . We do do a bit of appliance repair when it comes to stoves and/or dryers or hot water heaters . All of these items have something in common . They all have a heating element inside of them . I heating element is a coil or other arrangement of wire in which heat is produced by an electric current . This usually is in the shape of a coil or a U type design . We can replace these as well and other types of appliance repair such as circuit boards in digital stoves and basically just about any other kind of stove or dryer service you might need . We don't work on smaller appliances such as microwaves or vacuum cleaners or hair dryers . The cost for service call really would be more than you would want to spend on repairing one of these devices typically speaking . Some other items that we commonly do in the Huntersville area are , fixture installation , such as light fixtures that you went out and bought from your local box store or lighting store . Appliance installation . Such as installing a new dishwasher or disposal or over the stove microwave . We don't do the plumbing aspect of the dishwasher installation .

Huntersville Electrician NC Requirements

Repair work is something that we do a lot of in Huntersville . Electricians are in high demand when it comes to repair work in just about any community that they are located in . Electrical devices are costly breaking down . Wear and tear and mechanical force exerted on the machined parts and overcurrent protection devices takes its toll . We don't really realize how much we depend on these types of devices day in and day out until they fail . At Providence electric this is our livelihood . This is what we do day in and day out week after week month after month year after year . If you have an electrical problem that you're dealing with chances are it is something that we have dealt with in the past hundreds of times . People call me every day and they always express complete disbelief at the particular electrical problem that they happened to be dealing with . There mystified by this and I am not surprised . If it were some problem dealing with another trade that I have nothing to do with I would be mystified as well . Electricity does have a particular amount of mysteriousness to it by nature . Electricity is a theory . Nobody really knows truly how electricity works . We understand basic laws and principles that have been applied by scientists through the years . We understand that we have a national electrical code that sets forth regulations and requirements that must be followed in order to safeguard the lives and property of others . But truly why magnetic force discharges electrons that can be transmitted over wires is still a bit of a mystery . That having been said . When it comes to the practical application of installing wiring in your home and the laws and rules that make it safe . There is no mystery at all . With over 20 years the electrical trade I can tell you that there are right ways to do things and wrong ways to do things that are extremely important . I can't count the number of times I've went behind an individual who had good intentions but not the server the qualifications or the experience to do the work and have the fix something that they did . Just changing out the standard electrical receptacle has about 10 to 12 things involved with it that you can do wrong or mess up . I can't stress the importance of experience and qualifications enough when it comes to doing electrical work . I've been studying this topic and trade for over 20 years and I'm still learning new things every day . There are some items that you can do yourself as a homeowner and I highly recommend working with your hands and taking on new challenges as it is enjoyable and good for the soul . But when it comes to electrical work and the safety of those around you I highly recommend that you contact a qualified licensed and insured Huntersville electrician . Thank you !

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