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Friday, 19 August 2011 12:07

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Kannapolis Electrician

Journeyman Kannapolis Electrician NC

Who is qualified ?

Journeyman electricians are electricians that work under a qualified electrical contractor. They're basically employees that work under the license insurance and umbrella of the electrical contractor. It is illegal in the state of North Carolina for an electrical contractor to pay someone to do work for him unless he takes taxes out of their check. The definition of bona fide employee for electrical journeyman working for electrical contractor is an individual that is collecting a paycheck and having taxes withdrawn from this check. The purpose of this law is to keep people from illegally subcontracting work out to individuals that are not listed qualified individuals with the state.

Journeyman Kannapolis Electrician NC Licensing

Journeyman electricians are not licensed to do work without an electrical contractor overseeing them. The electrical contractor assumes the liability of the job and handles all permitting and inspections that are necessary for the electrical job. The journeyman electrician can neither pull permits nor coordinated inspection process as he is not duly licensed to do so. Most times Journeyman electricians are well-trained individuals that have a card from the state allowing them to work as an Kannapolis Electrician . They undergone an apprenticeship program and receive a card after the completion of the apprenticeship program and the pass of a written examination. However the requirements for a Journeyman Kannapolis Electrician are much less strenuous than those applied to an electrical contractor. Their license basically only allows them to work for a listed qualified individual in the state. Most of the time the electrical contractor will have up to 20 years experience in the trade. The average journeyman will have less than 10. Still with 5 to 6 years under a man's belt he can be considered a qualified journeyman if he passes the test and proves his work experience.

Journeyman Kannapolis Electrician NC Requirements

Many electrical contractors require the electrical journeyman to pass a written examination before working in their employ. Such steps are necessary to ensure that the electrical journeyman has a high level of experience and competence when it comes to electrical applications, installations and general overall knowledge of the field. A journeyman electrician that has undergone a formal apprenticeship program where he went to school two nights a week or more is usually the best qualified journeyman electrician to hire. At Providence electric we take this into consideration when hiring are individuals. All of our journeyman electricians are highly qualified as Kannapolis Electrician that have at least 10 years in the field.

Journeyman electrician . What exactly is a journeyman electrician .A Journeyman electrician is typically considered to be an electrician that has at least five years experience in the electrical trade . That having been said your typical journeyman electrician may have more than 10 years . Many journeyman electricians have cards that are issued from the state that verify they are in fact a bona fide journeyman electrician . Generally speaking the average journeyman electrician will undergo 3 to 4 years of a partnership around training and be tested prior to the certification of his journeyman . Qualifications . The average electrical contractor employees journeyman electricians and overseas them while they do the majority of the electrical installations for him .

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