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Written by Administrator   
Friday, 26 August 2011 17:32

"Charlotte kitchen and bath remodeling "

Considerations when planning a project in Charlotte for kitchen and bath .

Over the years we have done hundreds of kitchen and bath remodeling jobs in Charlotte . I have built several homes myself . One of the primary factors for consideration when you're doing a kitchen and bath remodeling job is of course the blueprints . Now that having been said most people go to an architect to draw up blueprints for their kitchen and bath remodeling project . Charlotte kitchen and bath and architects . While architects are professionals at making elevations look nice and putting things down on paper , they may or may not be very adept at designing rooms that are actually functional and make the most of a limited amount of space .

Planning Charlotte kitchen and bath

After the architect is done with the blueprints for your kitchen and bath remodeling project take a good long hard look at the actual implementation of the space . One trick that I had learned early on was hallways are a waste of space . You cannot put a sink and a hallway nor can you put a toilet and a hallway . I'll hallway is in essence good for only one thing walking . What I mention this you ask space? Well instead of putting a hallway from the bedroom to a bathroom so that you can have it doorway to your right in the hallway to go to walking closet why not put the walk-in closet behind the bathroom . If somebody is in the bathroom getting ready to go somewhere having the closet attached to the bathroom makes perfect sense . Now the entire space that would've been used for the hallway is able to be used in the closet or the bathroom where you want . For those of you who actually use this tip you're welcome !

Electrical needs Charlotte kitchen and bath

Well since we are an electrical company I thought I might give some advice about the electrical needs in a bathroom or kitchen . In all bathrooms the outlet that is adjacent to the sink should be at least 20 amp rated and be fed with a 20 amp dedicated circuit . Tapping off the existing wiring or doing a remodeling job without bringing this up to date is less than advisable . In the kitchen all kitchen outlets on the countertop should be 20 amp and should be fed with no less than 220 amp dedicated circuits . Other items require 20 amp dedicated circuits are dishwasher, disposal, Insta hot, microwave, electric range, large subzero refrigerators. Charlotte kitchen and bath .

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