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Written by Administrator   
Friday, 26 August 2011 17:51

"Kitchen cabinets Charlotte NC "

Considerations when planning for kitchen cabinets Charlotte NC

Well one of the main things to take into consideration when you're planning for kitchen cabinets in Charlotte NC is of course under cabinet lighting . Usually when you're putting in new kitchen cabinets your installing new granite countertops and pretty much revamping the entire kitchen area . This usually requires tearing up the backsplash and relocating certain sections of cabinetry . While all this wall area is open and available to electrician to come in run wiring not installing kitchen under cabinet lighting is a bit of an oversight . The wiring for kitchen under cabinet lighting is easily concealed and the walls with the backsplash is open . As well the electrician can install the lighting at the same time that the cabinets are installed so that he knows exactly sizes of lighting to get .

Kitchen cabinets Charlotte NC outlet relocation

Well unfortunately many times when the cabinets are relocated a stove or St. may end up in an area that it was not originally designed to be put . This leaves outlets or switches above the range cooktop or buried behind the refrigerator or about the sink . Again having these areas dealt with in relocated before the Charlotte kitchen cabinets are put in will save you a lot of time and headaches after the fact . As well many times there may be an island installed where there was not one originally . This requires an outlet to be installed in the island , and a wire ran before the island installation through the crawlspace so that there is adequate power for the cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets Charlotte NC other options

other options you may want to consider when you're installing kitchen cabinets in Charlotte . Over the cabinet lighting . Many people like to install cabinets with lighting above them that shines upon the ceiling . The installation of these lights typically includes an outlet above the cabinets that these lights are plug into . This allows the homeowner to use their own type of light fixture and simply plug it in after the fact . This receptacle is typically controlled by a switch to the backsplash . Also toe-kick rope lighting is a feature that many people find desirable . This does require the electrician to install the lighting in the toe-kick as they are not plug and cord connected .

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