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Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 23 August 2011 17:43

" Recessed kitchen lighting , Under Cabinet Kitchen Lighting Charlotte ."

Many kitchens are wired with no recessed lighting . This is done to save the builder money during the construction phase of your home . Typically they install a not so attractive florescent light in the middle of the kitchen . One light to provide illumination for the entire kitchen . We install new recessed lighting after the construction phase right into the existing ceiling . Most buyers these days expect this type of upgrade as standard . Your kitchen as well will usually be the main gathering place for guests who like to hang out there and be a part of the action . At Providence Electric We can add new recessed kitchen lighting in most cases with no damage to the Sheetrock .

Under Cabinet kitchen Lighting

In your kitchen, recessed lighting and under cabinet lighting is very important. From every day tasks using hot and sometimes very sharp instruments, the proper lighting can greatly improve the safety of your kitchen. In addition, the kitchen is often the main gathering place socially. Task under cabinet adds value, aesthetically and practically. At Providence Electrical we offer Xenon under cabinet kitchen lights. All products are properly installed by a local Charlotte NC Electrician employed by Providence Electric . These Xenon lamps incorporate the best technology available and last 2 times longer than hotter burning halogen. This installation is in many cases noninvasive. So in many cases, no Sheetrock is necessary.All products are properly installed by a local Charlotte NC Electrician employed by Providence Electric . Remember Providence Electric for all your Charlotte recessed lighting and under cabinet lighting needs !

Under cabinet kitchen lighting.

We can add new under cabinet kitchen lighting, for a bright and functional addition to your kitchen.A great home improvement , under cabinet kitchen lighting installed by a qualified electrician is a great way to make any kitchen look more modern and updated. We install the under cabinet lighting so that they all come on with one switch . The fixtures are low profile and very discrete .

Dedicated Circuits Over the years during home improvement projects , many new appliances are added and changes made to older kitchens. Everyone is doing home improvement and upgrades . Many times the people that do such work do not utilize a qualified electrician . The installation of new dedicated circuits for your appliances or kitchen lighting is often a necessity to avoid overloading and tripping breakers. We do this through the crawl space, attic or other means and add a new line straight from the panel box .
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