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Licensed electricians

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Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 15 May 2012 21:12

Licensed electrician , Thomas J Harp

On-call Licensed electrician at your service .

Licensed electrician Charlotte North Carolina .

looking to find a licensed electrician in North Carolina ?

At Providence electric we have been operating as licensed electrical contractors in the local area for over 18 years . As licensed electricians we carry out a variety of duties regarding electrical service work here in our local service area . being licensed means that we have undergone the rigorous examination of the State Board of examiners of electrical contractors and documented about 15 years of experience. I Thomas harp owner have also passed the three-hour examination to receive my license with the state . Being a licensed electrician means that you have undergone a rigorous examination of the state and have received your qualifications and permission to operate as electrical contractor here in the state. Here Providence electric is not something we take lightly we guard our license with integrity and value that we bring to our customers on a daily basis . If you're tired of dealing with electricians that seem like they have absolutely no clue as to how to serve the public with quality and integrity give Providence electric call, you will be glad you did!.

Finding A licensed electrician is easy with Providence electric .

What exactly is a licensed electrician. While there are several licenses and or electrical journeyman cards that can be handed out by the state or local governments . There are also union and nonunion apprentice programs that hand out licenses and or cards certifying the electrical competence and qualifications of an individual. When you're looking for a licensed electrical contractor , or licensed electrician to do an electrical job on your home or business or industrial facility , what you're really looking for is a qualified listed individual with the state . In North Carolina to have a licensed electrician means to have an electrical contractor that is the listed qualified individual with the state of North Carolina . This means that they have documented up to five years experience in the field in the past a written examination in order to be licensed . As well you can qualify for the license by reciprocation from another state . Many electrical contractors operating are licensed bonded and insured . When looking for a licensed electrician it is good to inquire as to whether they are licensed bonded and insured . Insured means that the licensed electrician has the general liability policy that covers him should something catastrophic happen on the job . Bonded means that he can pull an electrical permit with the local authorities seamlessly and future job passed inspection without a hitch ..

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