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Living room lighting design and living room lighting ideas

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Written by Administrator   
Monday, 21 May 2012 20:29

Interior designers agree: lighting has a huge impact on how a room looks.

How light falls on your furnishings will affect how they look in the room. “Plus, drab, out-dated lighting can also have a big affect on how you feel about your home,” Denny , a lighting designer says. If your new décor still seems tired, it might just be a problem of poor lighting. Consider how your room is lit at the different times of the day when you use it most. If it seems dim at times when you would like it to be bright, you may consider replacing existing light fixtures with brighter output options such as recessed lighting , possibly even ones that adjust on a dimmer according to changing illumination needs throughout the day .

When it comes to lighting ideas for living room areas there are many different options . Over the years I have done hundreds of lighting installations in Charlotte . Here are just a few of the things that are the main focus when you're redoing the lighting in your living room . You can do recessed lighting for living room areas , living room lamps and lighting controls , overhead surface mount type living room light fixtures , wall sconce light fixtures , living room ceiling fans of 52 inches and larger and living room track lighting . The different types of lighting that you employ in your living room will directly affect just about every day of your life . Think about the amount of time that you spend in your living room . They say that the eyes of the windows to the soul . I am not sure about this but I am sure that the different types of lighting available to you can directly affect your mood . Let's talk for a moment about the different lighting sources available devoid of the conversation about actual fixtures . When we talk about the different type of lamps or lightbulbs available a little bit of education here can go a long way .

Living room lighting sources

There is much buzz about being green and environmentally friendly in Charlotte and across the entire country . However , for every advantage in technology there are unfortunately disadvantages . In the case of lighting your living room these disadvantages can be huge . The color rendering index or CRI is a scale by which we measure the actual amount of daylight colors present in a light source . Now the traditional incandescent light bulb emits 99% of actual daylight colors found in sunlight . LED and florescent light bulbs as well as high-pressure sodium contain about 20 to 30% of actual daylight colors . What this means to you as a consumer is in your living room the type of light that goes into your eyes on a daily basis is important . Certain types of florescent lighting have even been linked to depression . Long-term exposure to florescent lighting is in my opinion not the most healthy light source for a human being . I'm an electrical contractor with 20 years in the field . I've seen many different types of lighting applications and have sampled thousands of different types of light fixtures and lighting sources . In my kitchen I have halogen light bulbs on a dimmer inside recessed lighting . The reason for this is I tried to go the florescent or even LED route and found the light source to be substandard and depressing .

Living room lighting design and recessed lighting .

When it comes to talking about lighting ideas for living room areas one of my favorite choices is recessed lighting . Many homes in the Charlotte area employ this type of lighting for the main source of lighting for rooms . Recessed lighting has the ability to generally illuminate the entire room evenly in a well distributed manner . Recessed lights will accommodate any type of light bulb you see fit to install and them . They will accept LED light bulbs as well as compact florescent light bulbs should you choose to use them . You should note that if you use either LED or florescent light bulbs is questionable whether or not you can put them on a dimmer . As well incandescent lighting installed on a dimmer can have significant power saving attributes without sacrificing the incandescent lighting . In a standard living room you can probably use no more than four recessed lights and completely like the entire living room . I have seen larger living rooms that require up to six recessed lights that this is usually the maximum . The typical layout for living room lighting design that incorporates recessed lighting includes a symmetrical shape of four or six such as a dice layout and then a ceiling fan in the middle of the living room . For a very clean modern look you can do four or even five recessed lights like a five on a dice with no ceiling fan and no surface mount light fixture . This gives the ceiling a very clean look and draws attention to the furnishings and carpet rather than the ceiling . Recessed lights are some of the cleanest and most modern fixtures available when it comes to living room light fixtures . It almost seems silly to classify them as a light fixture because they are installed inside the ceiling and you don't even really see them . Most modern recessed lights that are installed in living rooms are employing the white baffle trim and ring . This type of trim glints in seamlessly with the white ceiling and makes the lights practically disappear .

Track lighting living room fixtures

When looking for lighting ideas for living rooms in the downtown city area of Charlotte many people opt for a very modern looking track lighting . These usually employee track light heads that are very small and use halogen light bulbs which of course I like . These are usually in an S shape track light or in some other modern style with a high chrome finish or other interesting shades of oil rubbed bronze or brushed aluminum . Being that these living room fixtures are surface mount they naturally put off a large amount of light in horizontal directions . Where recessed lighting is very directional and point straight down these types of living room light fixtures spread their light in a overlapping horizontal pattern that really lights up a room . These type of light fixtures are usually low-voltage . By this I mean that there is a small transformer in the canopy of the light and it transforms the 110 V of electricity in your home down to 12 or 24 V . This makes this type of living room light fixture extremely safe . Many of them employ a close line type technology where the track had actually hang on a cable . These type of track lights I definitely recommend for living room . We can talk for a minute about the typical track light that they sell at your normal home improvement store . In my opinion these types of track lights are gaudy and not so attractive . It seems to me that this is usually a homeowner type solution in lieu of adding recessed lighting . This is usually done when people what a light up different areas on a wall or a table and they are looking for some sort of directional lighting . These light fixtures to allow you to light up a certain area but in my opinion the best way to do this is with recessed lighting . These types of light fixtures hardly show off your taste and complement your design .

Living room lighting design & surface mount lighting fixtures

Surface mount lighting fixtures are the most traditional form of living room lights . There are thousands of different types of styles for this type of living room light fixture . As I said before about the track lights surface mount fixtures of this type spread a lot of light horizontally . This makes for a really fantastic amount of light in the room . If you are older and looking for more light or you simply like to read a lot and like a well lit room surface mount light fixtures for living room are really a great choice . Typically there is only one outlet in the ceiling of the living room for this type of lighting . However adding a second or even third light location is relatively simple for local electrician to install . If you're looking for something a little bit more tasteful than the average home improvement store can offer you can try and do a search for light fixtures and then add your city name . You will find usually that there is a store that carries fixtures that are a little bit more high-end . If you're looking for something more modern then these are almost always carried by a store that exclusively carries modern lighting . The stores are super fun and you will be guaranteed to find many unique and even art light fixtures that you can use in your living room lighting design . I hope you find this article informative and should you need any living room light fixtures installed please call Providence electric 704-531-8881 . Thank yo

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