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Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 24 March 2012 18:08

" Local electrician NC "

Local Electrician NC Description

Local electrician NC, Tom harp here . I would like to talk to you today about a problem that affects everybody in the local Charlotte area . Working as a Local electrician for over 15 years now and I've seen this problem over and over again . A thunderstorm rolls through town and the next day we get a lot of calls from people saying that their garage outlets or their kitchen outlets or their bathroom outlets are no longer functioning . Well this problem is due to device that is installed in most modern homes these days . The Local Charlotte area is very susceptible to thunderstorms and these thunderstorms cause large voltage spikes in the utility electrical system .

Local electrician Voltage surges

Voltage surges occur when a large amount of electricity , usually millions of volts comes in contact with high-voltage utility lines ran by the local utility company . These high-voltage utility lines are usually attached to poles that are more than 30 feet in the air . As well these polls are usually made out of steel and then galvanized . This is in essence the exact item that a lightning charge is looking for . Each time we have a large thunderstorm in Local that knocks down a lot of trees and power lines it takes hundreds of electricians to restore the power . But long after the power has been restored and the lines have been replaced there is further damage that is caused to peoples appliances and electronic devices . Because the lightning surge can hinder into the home through three different sources actually four , is very important to take proper precautions . A qualified Local electrician can install voltage surge devices on the telephone , television , and main electrical service panel of your home to protect you against these large voltage surges .

Local electrician and thunderstorm season

We are gearing up here Providence electric for the next season of thunderstorms that are shorter roll through the area . As electricians we provide a valuable service providing surge protection devices beforehand and making the repairs necessary after a large storm has rolled through town . We currently have specials running on our electrical surge protection devices that protect your entire house . The whole house surge protector is running at $225.00 this includes installation . We can also install the television and phone device protectors for an additional $65.00 Each . These are important protective devices to consider and when you're considering a Local electrician please remember Providence electric . Thank you so much and have a great day !

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