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Maintenance electrician

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Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 15 May 2012 21:12

Maintenance electrician , Thomas J Harp

On-call Maintenance electrician at your service .

Maintenance electrician Charlotte North Carolina .

looking to find a Maintenance electrician in North Carolina ?

At Providence electric we can provide many services when it comes to maintenance electrical. Some of the maintenance issues that we handle are florescent lighting in offices, outdoor lighting on office buildings, parking lot lighting, receptacles and or panel switchgear in restaurants, bad ballasts in recessed lighting in commercials applications , replacing ballasts in high-intensity discharge metal halide lighting such as the large light fixtures that you see in your local Home depot or Lowes. All of these issues require a trained maintenance electrician to understand the intricate workings of the equipment and/or light fixtures that are being worked on. Many people try to employ a handyman for such tasks . I would highly recommend that you get a licensed maintenance electrician to come along and do the work for you so that you know it is done right. Finding the right maintenance electrician is a simple is going online & searching for these days . At Providence electric we strive to provide service that is above the bar. Quality that is rivaled by none in our area, we provide a service that is highly in demand in the greater local area. By providing electrical technicians that are above reproach as far as their electrical qualifications are concerned and the quality of person that they are we can provide a service to the community that is specialized and highly tailored to meet their specific needs in any given area. Not only do we need their electrical needs but we meet their needs with quality and integrity , we strive to be great people and friends at the same time . The next time you need to maintenance electrician contact Providence electric.

Finding A Maintenance electrician is easy with Providence electric .

Maintenance electrician. What exactly is a maintenance electrician maintenance electrician is electrician that primarily focuses on the maintenance aspect of the field what is the maintenance aspect of the field you might ask. Maintenance entails parking lot lighting, office florescent lighting, industrial maintenance on buildings, commercial maintenance electrical work on restaurants and the such. Maintenance electricians are great at fixing things, installing new equipment and maintaining existing electrical installations . Most maintenance electricians work for an industrial or commercial facility as a full-time employee . They typically are not electrical contractors . If you're looking to have a full-time employee than a maintenance electrician is definitely up your alley . If you like someone to do a little moonlighting and come to your house on the side you can find a maintenance electrician at your average industrial facility . However keep in mind that these individuals are neither licensed nor bonded nor insured and that's the liability factor does come into play . If you operate a medium to large size industrial or commercial facility that is constantly having electrical problems or needing electric upgrades you may consider a maintenance electrician .

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