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master electrician

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Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 15 May 2012 21:12

Master electrician Charlotte North Carolina , Thomas J Harp

Master electrician requirements .

What exactly qualifie as a master electrician ?

As a master electrician I have seen many different situations and problems over the years. I first started out my experience in the residential aspect of the trade wiring apartments. I moved from there on to track houses. Doing the same thing repetitively over and over and over again you learn how to get very quick and very good at it. I then moved from there to an industrial facility that made clay pigeons for shotgun practice shooting. We wired all the motor control circuits up for the motor controllers that operated the conveyor belt line. In this atmosphere I learned much about 480 volt wiring and motor control circuitry. From there I moved on to the commercial aspect of the field and wired large high-rise buildings for about three years. After that I moved on to electrical service work where I applied my knowledge in the various aspects of the trade. Many of the jobs that I have worked on is a master electrician have required plan reading. First you have to learn how to read the plans just so that you can bid on the jobs. After that you need to definitely know how to read the plans so that you can apply the proper light fixtures wiring and devices to the job at hand. We now do primarily residential service work. As a master electrician when I go out to troubleshoot someone's receptacle on their back porch that is not working many times it is somewhat troubling to hear the respective homeowner inquiring as to whether I know what I'm doing. However this is normal and that we simply shrug this off and do our jobs as requested. At Providence electric we have learned how to deal with customers and homeowners over the years in a way that both shows respect and confidence in the field.


Master electrician definition .

. If you're looking for a master electrician Providence electric has one of the areas top rated master electricians . The owner Thomas harp has over 23 years experience in the electrical trade . 20 years of that has been in the electrical service industry . Anyone can say they are a master electrician . Having the knowledge and expertise to back up that claim is what separates those who claim to be a master electrician and those who truly have the expertise to diagnose and make consultation on the widest for variety of electrical installations and repair issues . Providence electric is the service company dedicated to the service of our local community . If you need a commercial electrical issue diagnosed repaired we are your company . If you need residential issue diagnosed and repaired we are your company . If you knew installation in either commercial or residential electrical service area we are the company to call . Not only because we have a master electrician in employ but because we have the highest caliber of people in our employ . Being in the electrical service industry is not only about being a master electrician . It is about being a master at developing and maintaining relationships with our customers . There many electrical service companies in the area , what really comes down to the end of the day is who do you want to do business with . A quality individual who understands the value of relationships and family . Having a quality individual who knows how to treat a customer and knows how to properly deal with people in the public is extremely important when having electrical service technician come out . So remember when you need a master electrician who knows how to deal with the public, knows how to value people and customers , as certainly knows how to diagnose your most complex electrical problems . Call Providence electric .

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