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Written by Administrator   
Friday, 19 August 2011 12:06

Matthews NC Electricians,704-531-8881 "Best Reviewed"Matthews Electricians & Electrical Contractors

" On-Call Matthews Electrician . "

Thomas J Harp ,electrician Matthews North Carolina .

Hi my name is Tom Harp with Providence electric . I have lived in Matthews for almost 15 years . During that time I pretty much drove to the Home Depot right below Highway 51 on Matthews mint Hill Road every day . I have done countless installations and repairs on homes in the Matthews area . Many of those were in Providence plantation , areas off McKee Road and other more rural areas towards Waxhaw . Many of the homes in the area near the Siskey YMCA are newer in construction . I am very familiar with this type of construction and when a customer calls and speaks to me on the phone I have a good knowledge of how exactly their home was built before I ever even look at the structure . As well I am familiar with the local power company and the local inspections department . Having this knowledge and experience from working in the field gives me a great advantage when I answer the phones here at Providence Electric everyday . I no longer work in the field on a day to day basis . We only hire electricians who have worked in the local area of Matthews and Charlotte that have at least 10 years experience . This makes for an excellent team when it comes to tackling your repair or installation projects . When you call me you're talking to an electrician that is worked on hundreds of homes in Matthews North Carolina in the surrounding area . You're able to glean knowledge and advice from my years of expertise that very few other electrical contractors will offer you over the phone . I am here ready and willing to speak to my customers on a daily basis . When you call you won't get a secretary answering the phone and if you do get my voicemail I personally will return your call . We also have great conversations via e-mail where the customer send me pictures and or inspections reports from pre-by home inspections and I am able to give them pricing and availability right over the phone or e-mail . This type of support is really something that is not heard of in the electrical industry .

Do you need a small electrical repair in Matthews ?

If you have a small repair or installation you can simply talk to me on the phone or via e-mail . Having a quick conversation with me I have installed overhead lights in bedrooms that have no lighting hundreds of times in Matthews North Carolina . This experience gives me the ability to price it right over the phone . If you had a problem such as a circuit breaker tripping I can tell you exactly how much it will cost before the Electrician arrives at your home . If you explain in detail to me that you have bathroom outlets and a garage outlet that are not working I can steer you in the right direction and possibly help you to avoid a service call altogether . I do this because I know that in the future if you have another electrical issue you will be sure to call Providence electric . I spend my time writing articles such as the one you're reading . This helps us to gain exposure on the search engines in the Internet world . By doing this is are being advertising method and not spending thousands of dollars on commercials to brainwash the public eye save thousands of dollars every year in advertising costs . This savings is passed on to the customer . The next time you need an electrician please remember Providence electric .Thank you very much !

Matthews North Carolina in home estimates .

Most electrical contractors want to send an electrician out your house so that they can have the advantage of already being there to close the deal . I prefer to give you the advantage of not wasting your time and money by setting up an appointment only to find out that your project may be more than you anticipated . Many electrical contractors use this type of tactic and pressure you into the sale . I quite often have people tell me that the work is well within their budget and they are ready to move forward . Other times people understand that the job is more than they had thought and they wait a month or two and then schedule is to come out after they had saved up the money . With Providence electric you have this option and it helps us to keep our prices lower than the competition as we are not driving around giving out free estimates For two or $300 worth of work . if you have a larger project we are happy to come out an estimate it if we feel that you actually want the electrical work done by us . We are a medium-size service company that focuses on small to medium sized projects . Many times realtors and other individuals will have a house that they want to sell and they asked me to come out and provide them with an estimate . They have no intention of ever actually having us do the work however . what they are looking for is someone to come out of my and in-home estimate and then take that paperwork and give it to the seller of the home . They then use this estimate negotiate the price of the house down by two or $3000.00. this is similar to getting a check from your insurance company to fix part of your car and deciding you will just live with the damage and keep the money . While there is nothing illegal about this it is costly to business owners to drive around giving out estimates to people who have no intention of actually having us do work on the home . When Providence electric is not making money because of situations like this it puts strain and stress on everybody including the customers that are willing to pay for services . We avoid this by dealing strictly with customers who are willing to pay for services . I make decisions every day about which jobs to take in which to pass up . By doing work for Matthews residents that are serious about actually having the work done and value our service as a commodity . We are able to pass along savings to those customers that translate into real value . By not spending an arm or leg on our advertising costs and avoiding people that would just use our services without compensating the company we are able to keep our costs low to those that are actually serious about doing business with us . I appreciate your time and your consideration . Please check our reviews online and see what the customers that users are saying about our service . You will find that 99% of the people that use our service are satisfied and would recommend us to a friend . Thanks so much and have a great day !

As a Matthews electrician there are many different types of calls that we get on a daily basis .

I would like to go over some of the most common issues that we deal with in the Matthews area . To start out one of the first things that we deal with are people who have purchased a gas dryer but the existing dryer is electrical . Now when dealing with this type of issue you definitely need to call an electrician . If you run down to the local Matthews Home Depot they could point you in the right direction but you may possibly end up getting yourself hurt are causing a fire . What needs to be done in this situation is actual electrical work done by a qualified licensed electrician . The electrical circuit that feeds the existing dryer is fed with the number 10 copper or number eight aluminum wire . This cable traditionally had three wires . To further complicate the situation the cables that are installed these days have four wires . An additional wire that provides a neutral for the dryer for the 110 V timer and or digital display .

The 220 V circuit with the number 10 wire is rated at 30 amp's . Number 10 wire is actually rated for 40 A but you have to de-rate because it is encased in a nonmetallic sheathed cable . Now the average gas dryer requires no more than six to maybe 12 A . And the voltage requirements are only 110 V . You are not using electricity to produce heat so the amperage requirements are much lower . To make this type of transition the electrician has to convert the 220 V circuit over to 110 V . This is not a problem that is exclusive to Matthews North Carolina . Natural gas is available in most parts of the country . And many people across the United States desire to change from gas to electric or electric to gas . In order to convert the 220 V circuit two 110 V the electrician needs to go into the electrical panel and disconnect one of the hot legs from the 30 amp breaker . This hot leg if the cable only involves three wires must be converted to a neutral wire . Now technically the national electrical code does not allow you to color code this wire white . That having been said without doing this type of color coding the wire could easily be mistaken for a hot . As well without color coding this wire and using it as a neutral you would have to run a new circuit to the gas dryer . This is really a technicality with the intention being that smaller wiring should be manufactured with the proper color . The code is not really intended to prohibit us from converting a 220 V circuit that is existing in a house to 110 V . There now that that lengthy explanation is out of the way .

The electrician will need to convert this hot wire to a neutral . Then the existing hot wire needs to be put under a 20 or 15 amp circuit breaker . Once this is done at the panel and the Matthews homeowner now has 110 V circuit leaving the electrical panel . Now on the other and we have a number 10gauge or number 8gauge wire that is not properly color-coded and is too large to fit into a standard 15 or 20 amp receptacle . In order to properly convert this to wiring that will accommodate a 15 or 20 amp circuit we need to make connections and install for the sake of this article number 12 copper wiring with the proper colors . We need a black a white and a green . Solid or stranded wire does not make a difference . Except if you use stranded you need to use a special receptacle that is made for stranded wiring or connectors . So we will use solid as this is what is primarily used in the field and is readily available at the Matthews Home Depot .

So the electrician will make the connections to the number 10 copper wire using wire nuts that are rated for two different types of wire sizes to be connected together . If these are not available then there is a in aluminum type but splice available at the Matthews Home Depot that can facilitate the connection . If the wiring is number eight aluminum it is extremely important that the electrician use this type of connector and not wire nuts . Even purple wire nuts are not rated to be used with two different wire sizes . There is no way that you can use aluminum wiring with copper wiring with two different sizes under a wire Nutt and have a connection that is safe . To be honest when I first heard about the hazards of aluminum wiring I was a bit skeptical as I lacked experience early in my years in the trade .

After doing service work in Matthews and other areas for over 20 years I have seen firsthand the fires that aluminum wiring can cause . I have also seen purple wire nuts would've been installed by electricians or electrical contractors that have directly caused burning and fires inside the wall . This is not something to mess around with . I hope you as a Matthews homeowner can see from this article that just changing your circuit from 220 V to 110 V involves about 35 different requirements from the national electrical code .

Electrical work is not something that is done by ignorant people . Although most electricians do not have a college education , the amount of trade schooling and education that goes into being an electrical contractor is equivalent to eight years of school getting a Masters degree . The average electrician working for Providence electric has at least 10 years in the trade . These years are also coupled with schooling experience . The amount of training that goes into the average employee at Providence electric far exceeds that of having a bachelors degree . We take electrical wiring very seriously and so does the local inspections Department and the board members that make up the national electrical code every three years . The number of requirements the codes that go into the residential aspect of the electrical codebook are quite staggering . There is nothing that is left unchecked when it comes to the safety of you and your family . As Matthews electricians we take this extremely seriously and we work every day to provide a service to the community that meets or exceeds the requirements of the national electrical code and your expectations as eight customer in need of a Matthews electrician on a day-to-day basis . We hope that you will give us the opportunity to serve you the next time that you need a 220 V dryer changed out to 110 V . Or any other small electrical repair you may need . Thank you .

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