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Written by Administrator   
Friday, 19 August 2011 12:06

" Need an electrician familiar with the Mint Hill area ? "

Your on-call Mint Hill electrician . Available same day service !

When I answer the phone on a daily basis many times the questions I get are how soon can you guys come out , about how much will this cost me , and do you service the Mint Hill area ? I appreciate these types of questions as I am able to answer all of them with a favorable answer . Our electricians are available many times the same day as we jump all over the greater Charlotte area doing small service calls . What this means is that we are not bogged down by some large construction project and unable to tear away to meet your small service needs . As well we are probably doing a job at your neighbors house or right down the street in Matthews or Waxhaw . We have an electrician that lives in Indian Trail who normally services the Matthews Mint Hill area . That means that even if he comes to you directly from his house he is no more than 15 min. away by the back roads. As well because we are a service company and our average job does not last more than four hours ,if you have a small service call we can fit you in the same day . I myself lived off of Margaret Wallace Road for 15 years . I know the Matthews mint Hill area like the back of my hand . One of my best friends lives off of 218 in Mint Hill . He actually works as a handyman servicing the area . If you need sheet rock repair or any other projects that are non-electrical in nature I normally refer him to our customers . this is representative of the type of company that we are . We value long term relationships . I made this friend because he used to work at Town & Country Ford off of Independence Boulevard . In fact sold me most of my fleet vehicles for Providence Electric . Now he has started his own handyman company about five years ago. he enjoys working out in the field and meeting many different people . Our electricians this are the mint Hill area have the same attitude about the work that they do . They enjoy working with their hands and meeting people of different backgrounds and cultures. if you're looking for somebody who not only cares about the electrical code and sticking to the highest standards of electrical work but also cares about you as an individual and respecting your home and developing a relationship with you then please call Providence electric . We will not let you down ! .

Mint Hill electricians available on Saturday .

Most of the people that we do work for have no problem with doing a service call during the week . Many of our customers work from home or one of the members of the house either a husband or wife is available on the date that we come out to do a service call . For those customers who have a more strict schedule and have to work during normal business hours on their job and cannot break away we offer Saturday service . We just need to know a few days in advance and we can schedule you for a Saturday service call . Mint Hill is one of the areas that we offer this service to . for areas such as Mooresville and further away up the lake it becomes more Mifficult to offer the service . But as stated previously in this article we have a technician who is right down the road from Mint Hill. we normally try to keep it to a half day on a Saturday as we know our electricians have to rest sometime . If a whole day on Saturday is required we usually try to get this electrician a full day off on Monday to make up for it so that he has time to spend with his family . At Providence electric we are concerned about our customers as well as our technicians . We're here to make a profit and serve the community with a valuable service keeping your electricity flowing and your house convenient and working for you . We do our best to balance these goals and achieve a good middle point between servicing the community and over burdening our electricians . We believe that everybody involved in the transaction should win .

There are many other companies that offer their employees minimum wage and charge exaggerated rates and pay the electricians a commission for the more they charge . While this is completely legal we don't consider to be An ethical practice . The very same companies spend outrageous amounts of money on advertising and pass this cost along to you . Many of them are franchises . What this means is a corporate office somewhere in another part of the United States usually is charging them a very large fee to handle all their advertising costs and vehicle costs . All of the people at the franchise headquarters want to be paid as well as the stockholders and or owners of the franchise . Guess who pays these costs , that's right the customer . When you see a company who is advertising on the radio and television consistently and has a very large fleet of vehicles you know that they are spending a large amount of money on advertising . Similar to the large insurance companies who are now spending millions of dollars on advertising the more you see a person advertising their business on television or radio the more money you can expect to pay these people . The best thing to do is doing a research online and read some articles that people like myself have posted .

I can assure you it costs me nothing but my time to sit here and post articles on my website . Google and the other search engines however do index these articles and they come to you if you are willing to look around the Internet for them . We currently do not run any radio advertising or television advertising . We tried running radio and television advertising in the past and found it to be extremely costly . While the sales representatives for the radio and television stations are driving home in brand-new BMWs . I do not own a BMW and have nothing against them but I do not want my average customer in Mint Hill to be paying for my brand-new BMW . what I do want is to be able to offer a service to the community in the Matthews and Mint Hill area and be able to sleep at night knowing that I did my utmost to pass along savings and quality that translate into real value to my customers . I also would like my electricians to be able to afford a decent life after their many hours of hard work each day . Spending thousands of dollars each month in advertising just did not seem to me to be the way to do it . I have all the love in the world for people go out and get a college education . That having been said not everybody in America can be an administrator working behind a computer . When you have a man in a ditch digging a hole there can only be so many people in between him and the person paying to have the whole dug . If you let them advertisers will take nearly 50% of your gross income as a company . This is completely unacceptable .The people who do accept this and pass the fleecing on to the customer are in my opinion unconscionable .

Mint Hill electricians off of Highway 51

Our name is Providence electric for a reason . We basically wanted to communicate to people that if they are in a home or business anywhere along Providence Road we can service them . The same holds true for Highway 51 . Highway 51 runs all away through Pineville through Mint Hill North Carolina and continues on . if you're wondering whether or not we service your area simply ask yourself what your proximity to 485 Or Hwy. 51 is . If you are anywhere within 15 miles of highway 51 or I 485 we service your area . The modern highway system is a wonderful marvel of modern technology . Most of the vehicles we use have V-6 engines . This means higher fuel economy and lower price ultimately to you the consumer . We do a lot of driving a service electricians in North Carolina . People always wanted to visit for somebody who is right down the street from them . I would suggest for your consideration that there are many other things to take into account before making a decision about which Electrical contractor to choose . I can assure you that the electrical contractor who is right down the street from you will drive 30 miles to get to a service call and does so many times on a weekly basis . The cost of gasoline to get 30 miles from where you are is probably about $10.00 . This is hardly a large amount of money by any standard and is considered a normal cost of doing business . I would submit that if you have an electrician who is right down the street but spends thousands of dollars every month on advertising he may in fact be much more expensive in the long run than somebody who is 30 miles away who is learn how to cut his overhead and advertising costs . As well you want to consider the qualifications and be experience and the reviews online of any person that you are hiring . If a person has little or no reviews it usually means that they are not encouraging people to leave reviews online . This may be out of ignorance or it may be due to the fact that they simply do not want people to leave a review because it may be not so flattering . At Providence electric we encourage our customers to leave reviews online so that people can have a great idea of the experience that people have had with our company . We strive to keep our customers satisfaction is high and to meet and exceed their expectations . We have an occasional customer that we have to reschedule . Sometimes things take longer than we had anticipated and unforeseen circumstances, . If that's the case we offer to the customer that we would come out at the next time that is convenient for them . Whenever that may be even if it is a Saturday or after hours . We are not perfect by any means but we do go out of our way to make sure that people are saying good things about us . We value our reputation in the community and value our reputation in Mint Hill . I hope that you'll give us the opportunity to prove ourselves to you and when your business and your loyalty . Thanks again and we look forward to serving you ! Tom Harp Providence Electric.

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