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Friday, 19 August 2011 12:05

" Monroe Electrician NC , Electrical Contractor "

Monroe Electrician NC

Working over the years as an electrician in Monroe I have had several interesting experiences . I've worked in the homes of movie stars , and crawled through cat poop in peoples crawlspaces to install wiring for them . At the end of the day one thing always stood clear in my mind . I was proud of the job that I had accomplished . I was proud to know that there was a need that was met that day by my presence . Electrical work is an interesting and hands-on way for me to exercise my creativity while working with something that is both scientific and somewhat dangerous in nature . I suppose this is part of what drew me to the electrical field in the beginning . As a young man working in Southern California I enjoyed working outside , doing work that was very cardiovascular nature . As I wired track houses one after one and then 10 after 10 and then 100 after 100 I could not fully realize the lessons that I was learning .

Monroe Electrician NC Experience

The national electrical code changes every three years . This means that every three years the rules for wiring homes and businesses , in many ways completely changes . Monroe North Carolina is located in Union County . The electricians that work in Monroe are required to follow not only the national electrical code but the local union County code amendments as well . These code changes are based on real-life experiences that people have that bring them harm . The code is constantly changing and evolving to make our world a safer and better place or at least that is the intention . As with anything sometimes the rules get out of hand and well intended ideas do not stand the test of time . Thus the board changes the code every three years and sometimes even undo things that had previously been done . The reason I explained all of this is so that people understand why it is that a house that was built in 1960 is wired in a completely different way than a house that is built in 1970 . Just that 10 year difference can make a world of difference in the electrical wiring that is found by an electrician in your home .

Monroe Electrician NC Requirements

Electricians fall into many different categories . I've seen electricians to work it maintenance plants , and all they do all day long is maintain electrical motors and electrical control circuits systems that operate an assembly line of manufacturing equipment . This electrician is trained and qualified in electrical theory the same way a residential electrician would be . However the practical application of his everyday occupation is completely different compared to that of a residential electrician . In manufacturing factories all of the electrical wiring has to be encased inside metal conduit . All of the wiring is completely exposed other than this conduit that protects it . The voltages that are dealt with by an industrial electrician are much higher than that that power a residential home . In other words although these two people are both classified as electricians . When hiring one saying that you are an electrician is like saying that you are a car . There are many different makes model shapes colors sizes and etc. of cars . Simply being a car does not qualify you to help your friend cut down and move the tree . If you have a Honda Civic you may find yourself making several trips to get the tree to its final destination . The point I am making is obvious be careful who you call when you're looking for a service electrician .

Let's say I am an industrial electrician and I have an electrical license in the state of North Carolina . I get laid off at the factory but I still maintain a contractors license with the state of North Carolina . I have book knowledge of residential electrical codes and decide that I will open an electrical contracting company in Monroe North Carolina . Now there is nothing legally stopping me from starting a contracting company and working as a Monroe electrician . However I have shown no competency whatsoever in my ability to troubleshoot and diagnose problems in a residential environment . Let me make this completely clear , people sleep in houses period . The fact that you sleep in your home and your children live there means that the national electrical code has adopted stringent regulations that require for multiple safety devices to be installed inside your home . The number of electrical codes that apply to residential dwellings is staggering compared to the number of codes that apply to industrial and even commercial wiring . People sleep at their houses . The primary objective of the national electrical code when it comes to residential dwellings is obviously the safety of the occupants . Please make sure as you're selecting a Monroe electrician that you hire a service company . Service companies are companies that advertise themselves as just that . Simply having a website that says Joe's electric or not having a website it all is a tale tale sign that you really have a lack of information when it comes to the every day experiences of the electrician that you're hiring .

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