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Office Lighting Maintenance Charlotte

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Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 17 May 2014 23:24

" Office Lighting Is Important "

Lighting Can Affect Your Mood

Having the proper lighting in your office can really affect your health and your mood and even productivity . There are several different types of fluorescent light bulbs available . These flavors or colors of lights in it entirely different photons of light to your retina . Human beings are made to take in natural sunlight . Having light bulbs in your office or home that emit light as close as possible to actual sunlight can improve your mood . There have been documented studies that show people even getting sick after long-term exposure to improper lighting .

The Different Types Of Light Bulbs Available

The different types of light bulbs available are as follows . Cool white , warm white , daylight . There are other florescent varieties to choose from but these are the three main . Daylight bulbs , are as the name suggests the closest to natural sunlight . These lights are very white and almost blue when compared to the warm light and cool white varieties . There are many websites with far more information about the different light sources available for florescent lighting . The purpose of this article is merely to make you aware of the different options . If you want to have us come out and do some work replacing light bulbs and ballasts , you may want to consider a change in the color of the light bulbs that you're currently using as well . That way you get twice the bang for your buck while we are working .

The Best Office Lighting Available Today

The optimal source of light for an office would not be florescent at all . I would like to make it perfectly clear that the only reason why florescent lighting is employed is for energy efficiency , not because it is the best lighting available . The best lighting sources available are incandescent lightbulbs . If you can incorporate incandescent bulbs into your lighting design then more power to you . I can tell you that a new building will never have incandescent Incorporated because of the electrical laws that are currently being used in our country . However after you own the building it is yours to do with as you please . Incorporating some metal halide recessed lighting , which is highly energy-efficient but has the same sunlight output potential as incandescent is a great option . Metal halide bulbs are new technology like xenon lightbulbs . Both xenon and metal halide are highly energy-efficient and put out all of the colors of the rainbow like incandescent lightbulbs do . However because they are the best of both worlds they are much more expensive to install and maintain . But if you can afford the best or people are suffering from health or motivational issues and thus is worth the investment , then these are the best lighting sources available today .

Last Updated on Sunday, 18 May 2014 20:26
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