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Recessed Lighting Charlotte

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Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 06 September 2011 14:45

"Recessed Lighting Charlotte "


Recessed lighting installed , Charlotte NC , $120.00 per location . Schedule an appointment , we are usually no more than two days out !

We use high quality Halo brand fixtures . We can install these lights with no sheet rock damage . A great home improvement . Hard wired , recessed kitchen lighting installed by our electricians are a great way to make any kitchen look more modern and updated. New recessed lights can really make your kitchen area look and appear larger and newer . Hanging fixtures not over counter top space tend to lower the ceiling and make the room appear smaller . The higher the ceiling is the less of a problem this is . Recessed lighting does not hang down in any way . It is flush with the ceiling surface , giving you that open and spacious look the a kitchen area . Kitchens and bathrooms areas should be the two brightest locations in your home as both are task oriented . New recessed lighting is a great way to add that light level needed and improve the appeal and value of your kitchen. Your kitchen will usually be the main gathering place for guests on holidays and family events as they want to hang out near the action "and food " ! Make it shine with recessed lighting . Recessed ceiling lighting .You can have our design team put together a layout based on a picture, or we can always do them on site. Recessed lights are a great way to bring more light into a room . These can be installed by our electricians on the first or second floor . A small hole may be necessary above the switch location . However in at least half the homes we do , no hole is necessary . It depends on the construction methods used and what the original electrician did . The end result is a finished product that makes a huge difference in the impression of a room as you enter . Recessed lighting dramatically improves the feel , and look of a room . Please click here or on the get a quote icon for an email reply and more info.

Planning Recessed Lighting Charlotte

Over the years many new items are added and changes made to older kitchens. Everyone is doing home improvement and upgrades these days . Many times the people that do such work do not utilize a qualified electrician . The installation of new circuits for kitchen lighting is often a necessity to avoid overloading and tripping breakers. If necessary we do this through the crawl space, attic or other means and add a new line straight from the panel box Recessed kitchen lighting Our recessed ceiling lighting fixtures are high quality air tight recessed lighting fixtures . No insulation dust coming down from the attic or floor system . They are low profile and very discrete and tend to just blend in with the ceiling . The total installation of a normal kitchen usually takes about four hours . We have availability usually two to three days out . Our technicians are clean cut and ready to help you with your home improvement needs . Please select the get a quote icon for flat rate pricing .

Recessed kitchen ceiling Lights Charlotte , summary .

Recessed kitchen lighting has many benefits. The look of recessed kitchen lighting is sleek and tends to make your kitchen appear larger. Surface mount fluorescent kitchen lighting and other lights that hang down tend to make a ceiling look lower. In new home construction, recessed kitchen lighting is considered an upgrade option and in any home adds value. The addition of recessed lighting is a great way to give your kitchen a face lift without spending a fortune on remodeling. New Recessed kitchen lighting is a great way to add value and improve the appeal of your kitchen. Your kitchen will usually be the main gathering place for guests. At Providence Electric We can add new recessed kitchen lighting in most cases with no damage to Sheetrock . Thanks so much !

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