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Residential electrical service

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Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 09 August 2011 20:13

Residential electrical service change

Thousands of residential electrical service changes

Hi this is Tom harp Providence electric . I have done literally thousands of electrical service changes over the years on residential dwellings . The customers almost always have some issue that they are dealing with in regards to the internal wiring of the home . They usually are dealing with some sort of issue like their circuit breakers are constantly tripping or dimming lights . While changing out your residential electrical service is not always the answer to problems like this it usually is the first step . Because solving these types of problems usually requires adding additional wiring to the house having an electrical panel that is big enough to add wires to is a necessity .of

How much of the existing electrical service should be changed ?

one of the main issues that your run into when you are replacing your residential electrical service is how much of the existing service will be replaced ? the rule for this according to the inspections department is if you replace more than two thirds of the service then you have to replace the entire service . The service is considered basically to be three parts usually on older home . The first part is the electrical meter base . This is where the electrical utility company sets their glass mechanical meter . This is what the utility company uses to measure the amount of electricity you are using in house . The second part is your main electrical panel . This is usually located outside in North Carolina and is usually directly adjacent to the electrical meter base . The third part on older home is usually an interior sub-panel . This panel is usually located in some inconvenient location such as the kitchen or other less than desirable locations such as a Laundry room behind the washing machine . The current national electrical code forbids both of these locations for electrical sub panels .

Residential electrical service change and additional items .

There are various other items that go along with doing an electrical service change for A residence .Near the main meter Base on the exterior of the home there are two ground rods required to be driven 8 feet into the ground . These items are pretty much self-explanatory by their name . They are long metal rods that you drive into the ground with a fencepost driver or a Roto hammer with a special adapter on it . There is another ground wire that needs to be run to the main plumbing of the house . This utilizes the utility water company conduit that is in the ground in the front yard of your home if you have city water . It is required that this wire be hooked to the pipe within 2 feet of where it enters the crawlspace . This wire can be 40 feet long . It is solid copper and is relatively expensive . Along with those items many times the wire that goes to the overhead service riser connecting to the utility needs to be replaced . As you can see doing a panel change out quickly turns into a proverbial can of worms . It is not a cheap undertaking . But when you consider that this feeds the entire electrical system of your house that is valued at over Hundred and $50,000.00 to over $1,000,000.00 it is a relatively small investment to make sure that your home is safe . Your electrical service may not look that bad but we have been to many homes where the appearance is fine but the size is inadequate . The electrical service is the brain of your homes electrical system. Many home wiring problems arise from a bad service or a service that has bad components. . They include, half of house has no power, Dimming lights throughout the entire house, lights only come on when you turn on the electric range or furnace, main breaker is constantly tripping, properly sized and installed breakers tripping, and more. The circuit breakers in your service are the first and sometimes only line of defense when there is a problem. Relying on a service that is 40 to 50 years old is like driving a car with 50 year old brakes. It just doesn’t make sense. We can update and upgrade your service for much less than you might think, call or submit request or more information .

Other Residential Issues We Deal With

Three-way Switches

Home Wiring of three way and four way switches can be very complicated . Don't feel bad , I have met many "Electricians" that did not fully understand the concepts behind a three way switch . Basically the wires that run from switch to switch do the talking , from one switch to the other . Then It has power in and power out . Power going out the light is coming from one switch . The other switch has the power coming in . It can be wired so many ways to achieve this that it boggles the mind. The wiring of the three way system for home wiring actually goes through the light itself many times. Looking at diagrams and schematics usually only complicates the process . How to sites don't tell you that you can suffer serious injury trying to save a buck . This home wiring as with all dangerous electrical work is best left to a professional .

Overloading Circuits

Overloading outlets and home wiring can be very dangerous . Older homes with insufficient or aluminum wiring are especially susceptible to this problem . Remember if the circuit breaker trips , that is a warning sign that something is wrong . Ignoring it or installing a larger breaker is not the answer . We can add new circuits and new outlets in any home or business . We are professionals at diagnosing these types of problems with home wiring and offering real solutions . If you are experiencing any of the above problems or others please don't hesitate to call or submit a service request

Partial Power Outage

Many times, there is a problem with home wiring where one bedroom will work fine, and the very next one has no power. This is a very common issue. There are several problems that can make this happen. It may be a bad circuit breaker. It may be a problem with the main service panel. Our qualified electricians can quickly and easily diagnose this situation with home wiring and provide solutions. Never try and do dangerous electrical home wiring work yourself . Leave it to the professionals.

Dryer Wrong Cord Type

We receive many calls every year regarding electrical dryers. First let me say that if it is getting warm and not hot it may be one of two things. The first is a problem with the internal element. The second is a lost leg running to the unit. We can diagnose and repair this second problem. If it is the first you need an appliance repair person. Who to call first is a gamble. Another common problem is the three prong four prong dilemma. You buy a dryer and the cord does not match the socket, we can remedy this with a short service call. That having been said it is dangerous to try and remedy this yourself if you are not a licensed electrical contractor as it deals with grounding and shock hazard.

Whole Home Surge Protector

A whole home surge protector is a great way to make sure all your electrical components are safe . In the event of a surge from the utility company or lightning hitting close to your home , these devices can save you thousands .Installed by our professionals so you know the job is done right , these surge protectors save you precious time and money replacing all your electronic items and potential data loss from a fried hard drive . While no device can offer 100% security from the wrath of Mother nature , these do significantly reduce the risk of damage . So call or fill out our web form today for total home protection !

Charlotte Appliance Installation

Hello , whether your new appliance is a dishwasher , microwave , drop in range , oven or other type of new appliance , we can help you install it . We understand getting your new appliance up and running is a top priority for you as you rely on them for your everyday necessities . We can install your appliances in no time and do it for an affordable price . Our top quality technicians install all makes and models of appliances and are the very best in the area . Whether you've already purchased your appliance or if you're considering purchasing an appliance Providence electric can help you with the installation and the circuitry involved in providing the power for your new appliance. Many times when homeowners buy a new appliance they are unaware of the electrical requirements necessary for the installation of their new appliance. If you have an existing appliance in the location that you are installing the new one , chances are you already have the electrical circuitry their necessary for your appliance. However if you are adding a new appliance in area that previously had no such appliance then you will probably have to consider running an electrical circuit from your electrical panel box to that location . At Providence electric we are experts at . The next time that you're in the market for a new appliance please remember at Providence electric our motto is , Quality integrity customer satisfaction ! Please contact us today for quality appliance installation at great prices !

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