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Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 24 August 2011 17:27

" What are Your under Cabinet Lighting Options ? "

Under Cabinet kitchen Lighting

1. Fluorescent , Somewhat bulky , Long lamp life , poor light quality , least expensive . 2.Halogen , Short lamp life , great light quality , heat , low profile , a little more expensive 3. Xenon Under Cabinet Lighting Installed at a special online price ! Xenon Under cabinet lights . Xenon under cabinet lighting is your best choice for under cabinet lighting applications . Halogen under cabinet lights burn very hot and the other alternative fluorescent , under cabinet fixtures put out a sub standard light quality . Xenon is the latest technology and incorporates a duel fuel approach to solve these problems . The result is a great light source with much less heat than halogen with all the color of natural daylight .

Under cabinet lighting Installation

This type of lighting is a great addition to the lighting scheme of any kitchen . We install the wiring for the under cabinet lighting mostly through the cabinets themselves . The lower cabinets have a dead area behind the drawers that we used to run our wiring for the under cabinet lighting . This allows all the under cabinet lighting to be on the same switch . You can as well incorporating low-voltage electronic dimmer for your under cabinet lighting . Xenon under cabinet lights are the best available in today's market . Whether you're looking to add some functionality to your kitchen by improving like quality for certain tasks . Or looking to brighten up the overall lighting scope of your kitchen area . Homes in Charlotte that have under cabinet lighting definitely are more functional and more valuable than homes that are not equipped with this type of option . The kitchen is the central meeting place of the home usually when people come over . Everybody tends to congregate in the kitchen for conversation and food . It is one of the most highly used rooms in the house . Paying attention to this area of the home and investing in it can pay off with dividends for years and years to come . Remember Providence Electric for all your Charlotte recessed lighting and under cabinet lighting needs !

Charlotte Under cabinet lighting.

The different types under cabinet lighting that are available , be it florescent , halogen , or xenon all add functionality and style to your kitchen . I have already mentioned some of the less than desirable qualities Incorporated florescent and halogen light fixtures . Now let me go over some of the benefits of xenon lighting fixtures . Xenon lighting fixtures incorporate a dual fuel principle as it were . The lightbulbs had xenon gas which glows and produces light . The light fixture uses a transformer that relies on lower voltage to make the gas illuminate . It does have a filament as well . The incorporation of both of these ingenious inventions make for a great like quality and energy conservation . Florescent light bulbs put off 30% of actual daylight where xenon and halogen put off 99% of actual daylight colors !
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