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Union electricians

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Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 15 May 2012 21:12

A former union electrician , Thomas J Harp

What exactly is a union electrician ?

Union electricians in Charlotte North Carolina .

Union electrician insights and ideas .

When I first started in the trade I was involved in an electricians union . I can share little bit of the insight that I have about the union with you so you can better understand the difference between union shops and nonunion shops . A union electrician is someone who has joined a union and pays his dues on a monthly basis and works out of what they call a union hall. The union hall dispatches electrician at the different electrical contracting companies in the area. All the electrical contracting companies pay into the union as well is the electricians. The electricians that work for the union have higher wages and benefits. Many nonunion electrical contracting firms will not offer benefits to their employees. While this does allow for a higher quality of life for the electrician and a better sense of security for the electrical contractors in the union, as far as hiring people that are of quality nature. It does tend to drive up the cost to the end user and consumer. Along with this high costs you do get a much higher quality of work so it's a trade-off. I would personally like to see many more union electrical companies in the local area, however I am not a union electrical contracting company myself. It is simply too difficult to compete with all the nonunion electrical companies that exist here in our local area. As well the union here, at least what I've seen of it is not as high of a caliber as in the rest of the country. Well not necessarily the rest of the country but definitely on the West Coast where I came from the requirements for electrical contractors and electricians be it union or nonunion is much higher. The requirements just to become a journeyman electrician are eight years experience where here it is four , in any case the union electrical contracting companies are virtually nonexistent here in the South . I was involved in the electrician union for many years and enjoyed every bit of it. It is just simply too costly here in North Carolina to be involved in the union and keep costs low for my customers .

What exactly is a union electrician ? Union electrical contracting companies are companies that have have opted into the local electricians union . The benefits of being a part of the electrician Jean is that they don't have to look for electricians when they need to hire new employees . They simply call the local union hall and tell them that they are in need of electrician and they send one over that matches the qualifications of a request . The prices of the union electrical contracting companies tend to be higher because of the union dues that need to be paid and the higher standards for the employees that are maintained such as healthcare and higher wages. That having been said it is highly likely that you will get a much better electrician from a union shop than a nonunion shop depending on which part of the country you live in . Yay electricians always have to have a card and have to have some sort of formal training so it is highly likely that you will get a much more qualified electrician from a union company than a nonunion company, however this is not always the case .

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